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The Crown Jewels

Released: Tuesday, November 24th 1998
Highest UK Chart Position: 1

Track Listing

1) Keep Yourself Alive
2) Doing All Right
3) Great King Rat
4) My Fairy King
5) Liar
6) The Night Comes Down
7) Modern Times Rock’N’Roll
8) Son And Daughter
9) Jesus
10) Seven Seas Of Rhye…
11) Procession
12) Father To Son
13) White Queen (As It Began)
14) Some Day One Day
15) The Loser In The End
16) Ogre Battle Mercury
17) The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke
18) Nevermore
19) The March Of The Black Queen
20) Funny How Love Is
21) Seven Seas Of Rhye
22) Brighton Rock
23) Killer Queen
24) Tenement Funster
25) Flick Of The Wrist
26) Lily Of The Valley
27) Now I’m Here
28) In The Lap Of The Gods
29) Stone Cold Crazy
30) Dear Friends May
31) Misfire
32) Bring Back That Leroy Brown
33) She Makes Me
34) In The Lap Of The Gods (revisited)
35) Death On Two Legs
36) Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon
37) I’m In Love With My Car
38) You’re My Best Friend
39) ’39
40) Sweet Lady
41) Seaside Rendezvous
42) The Prophet’s Song
43) Love Of My Life
44) Good Company
45) Bohemian Rhapsody
46) God Save the Queen
47) Tie Your Mother Down
48) You Take My Breath Away
49) Long Away
50) The Millionaire Waltz
51) You And I Deacon
52) Somebody To Love
53) White Man
54) Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy
55) Drowse Taylor
56) Teo Torriate (Let Us Cling Together)
57) We Will Rock You
58) We Are The Champions
59) Sheer Heart Attack
60) All Dead, All Dead
61) Spread Your Wings
62) Fight From The Inside
63) Get Down, Make Love
64) Sleeping On The Sidewalk
65) Who Needs You
66) It’s Late
67) My Melancholy Blues
68) Mustapha
69) Fat Bottomed Girls
70) Jealousy
71) Bicycle Race
72) If You Can’t Beat Them
73) Let Me Entertain You
74) Dead On Time
75) In Only Seven Days
76) Dreamers Ball
77) Fun It
78) Leaving Home Ain’t Easy
79) Don’t Stop Me Now
80) More Of That Jazz
81) Play The Game
82) Dragon Attack
83) Another One Bites The Dust
84) Need Your Loving Tonight
85) Crazy Little Thing Called Love
86) Rock It (prime jive)
87) Don’t Try Suicide
88) Sail Away Sweet Sister (…To the sister I never had)
89) Coming Soon
90) Save Me

Queen, The Crown Jewels

Queen Compilation

Queen are:
Freddie Mercury (vocals, piano, harpsichord, synthesizer);
Brian May (vocals, guitar, harp, ukelele, piano, bells);
Roger Taylor (vocals, drums, percussion);
John Deacon (guitar, electric piano, acoustic & electric basses).

All tracks have been digitally remastered.

QUEEN I: Producers: John Anthony, Roy Baker, Queen.
Engineers include Roy Baker, Mike Stone, Ted Sharpe.
Principally recorded at Trident Studios, London, England

QUEEN II: Producers: Roy Thomas Baker, Queen, Nicholas Sansono, Freddie Bastone. Engineer: Mike Stone.
Recorded at Trident Studios, London, England.

SHEER HEART ATTACK: Producers: Roy Thomas Baker, Queen.

A NIGHT AT THE OPERA: Producers: Roy Thomas Baker, Queen. Engineers: Mike Stone, Gary Lyons.

A DAY AT THE RACES: Producer: Queen. Engineer: Mike Stone. Recorded in England between July and November 1976.

NEWS OF THE WORLD: Producer: Queen. Engineer: Mike Stone.

JAZZ: Producers: Roy Thomas Baker, Queen. Engineer: Geoff Workman.
Recorded in Montreux, Switzerland and Nice, France between July and October 1978.

THE GAME: Producers: Queen, Mack. Engineer: Mack. Recorded at Musicland Studios, Munich, Germany.

As far as I am aware this release was in the USA only, but I’m sure it is available by import in the UK and elsewhere.
Each album comes in its original packaging along with a new booklet of lyrics, rare photographs, and some articles about Queen. There are also some new elements like embossed covers and the infamous nude bicycle race poster that was initially included with vinyl copies of Jazz.

Recommended Songs: My Fairy King, White Queen (As It Began), March Of The Black Queen, Killer Queen, 39, Bohemian Rhapsody, Tie Your Mother Down, You Take My Breath Away, My Melancholy Blues, Don’t Stop Me No

Queen The Crown Jewels – Review

This Box Set of the groups first 8 albums comes in a very well designed package. Queen, Queen II, Sheer Heart Attack, A Night At The Opera, A Day At The Races, News Of The World, Jazz and The Game were remastered at Abbey Road Studios from original UK master tapes, under the supervision of the remaining band members, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon.

This is something I think that only collectors, or new Queen Fans who want to get all the early albums in one go. The average retail price on the web ranges from $112 to $114 (ex. P&P).
Review Rating: 10

This album was released on the 7th anniversary of Freddie’s death, although it was claimed by the press that it was the 25th Anniversary of Queen… coincidence?

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