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The Cosmos Rocks

Released : 15th September, 2008
Higest UK Chart Position : N/A

Track Listing

1) Cosmos Rockin’
2) Time To Shine
3) Still Burnin’
4) Small Q
5) Warboys
6) We Believe
7) Call Me
8) Voodoo
9) Some Things That Glitter
10) C-lebrity
11) Through The Night
12) Say It’s Not True
13) Surf’s Up . . . School’s Out !
14) (small reprise)

The Cosmos Rocks

Queen + Paul Rodgers Album

The Cosmos Rocks is the first album of new material from Queen since 1995’s Made in Heaven, and is the first studio album with Paul Rodgers as the main singer. The album was dedicated to Freddie Mercury who died in 1991.

The Cosmos Rocks is released in the US/Canada on October 28th 2008.

Coinciding with the release of The Cosmos Rocks, Queen + Paul Rodgers embark on a 33-date Europe and Northern Eurasia tour beginning mid-September. The tour reaches the UK on October 10 with 11 dates including two at London 02 and the tour’s final date at Wembley Arena on November 8. I actually saw Queen and Paul Rodgers in Paris in 2005 and although I was too young to have seen Freddie in the day, seeing some part of Queen was amaing.

Recommended Songs : We Believe, Small, Through the Night

I have not yet got a copy of this but based on the album preview widget (see front page of this site) it seems to be a very varied album with the musical talents of all 3 musicians shining true. Not a Queen album however – if you are expecting the Queen sound you may be disappointed but you won’t be disappointed by the quality of the songs – lots to satisfy all tastes. I really like “We believe”, “Small” and “Through the Night” and there are plenty more which will grow on you, I’m sure.
Looking forward to getting the album and a further review will follow as well as an update on the review score for this album
Review Rating : 8

“Our teachers were The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, blues & soul…”

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