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The Complete Guide To The Music Of Queen

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The Complete Guide To The Music Of Queen by Peter K. Hogan
Paperback: 136 pages
ISBN: 0711935262

The Complete Guide To The Music Of Queen is a book my Peter K. Hogan aimed at guiding you through the music of the band Queen. The book is written in a style which reviews album by album Queen’s career, which, at the time of writing/compiling was around the 20 year mark. There is also a background to the group from the inception and pre-Queen/Smile era in 1971 the book details how the group Queen grew. The Complete Guide also outlines how, where and when the music was written and recorded. There is also a very good Queen Discography within this detailed Queen Book.

Amazon Reviews of this book

The reviews of this book are mixed with some even giving this book one star. The book covers the music of Queen track by track and album by album and there is some detailed analysis of such. If you are looking at a detailed biography and please don’t consider this book and also the information in this book has been published before in other Queen Books. Also, the last album covered in the book is Innuendo, the last album by Queen “Made In Heaven” was not included. The writing does take liberties, with punctuation, sentence structure and there are a few other gramatical errors which may annoy readers.

Authors Description

A consumers’ guide to the music of Queen which is an album by album run down of everything they recorded during their 20 year career. It includes: details of how the group was formed in 1971; information on when and where their music was written and recorded; a critical consumers’ guide to Queen’s back catalogue; a comprehensive Queen biography; and a complete discography.

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