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The Queenpedia site is known as the Queen Encyclopedia. The website is an amazing resource which is being updated all the time. It has become one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on Queen on the web.  There is detailed information on all Queen and solo releases, albums, singles, and videos and other items. On the Queenpedia website every album, single and song have their own page showing the release dates, chart positions and much more. The website is run by a dedicated group of Queen fans so that you can be sure that the information contained within this Queen Encyclopedia is as correct and updated as it can be.

The site is an ever evolving work and it is continually being added to. The site contains all the information you need to know about the band history and how Queen formed. It also covers the pre-queen era which is important, looking at Smile, Ibex and other bands the members were in. you can check out the Queen discography, bibliography, sessionography and videography – all great content for any dedicated Queen fan. If you have an interest in Queen concerts and Queen live , then you can get all the information here. There is so much more including a great list of facts and figures such as Queen songs used in commercials ; interesting to see the Flash Adverts in the UK not listed on the site. There is also a links section which has a link back to my own Queen Fan Site (thank you webmaster)

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