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Queen The New Visual Documentary

Queen Book

Queen The New Visual Documentary by Ken Dean, Chris Charlesworth
Paperback: 48 pages
ISBN: 0711928282

Queen The New Visual Documentary, a detail by detail account of the career of Queen, now updated to include the death of Freddie Mercury on 24th November 1991. This is a very well written book and gets great reviews on Amazon (at the time of writing this review this had 92% of the 5 star reviews on Amazon).

I’m sure if you are a Queen fan that you might already have Queen books and Queen biographies, however this is one of those books which adds to your Queen collection rather than padding it with content which you already knew. I like this book for sure.  It is really well written and has a lot of great information about Queen and it is chronologically correct. One Amazon Reviewer said of this book, “Buy it! You won’t be disappointed!” and another reviewer said, “There are some great pictures and quotes, along with kind of an abbreviated history of the band. It concludes with a list of all of Queen’s music releases up until 1992. It is a beautiful book that is well worth the money. You will look at it again and again.

Purchasing Queen The New Visual Documentary

At the time of writing this review, the book is available in some formats on Amazon from around $10. I’m sure there are probably copies on EBay so not really arare book but certainly one which will be in demand due to the quality of the content and writing. If you have this book and you want to add your review please do email me or contact me on social media and I will be glad to add your review of the book.

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