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Queen Rocks

Released: Monday, 3rd November 1997
Highest UK Chart Position: 7

Track Listing

1) We Will Rock You
2) Tie Your Mother Down
3) I Want It All
4) Seven Seas Of Rhye
5) I Can’t Live With You
6) Hammer To Fall
7) Stone Cold Crazy
8) Now I’m Here
9) Fat Bottomed Girls
10) Keep Yourself Alive
11) Tear It Up
12) One Vision
13) Sheer Heart Attack
14) I’m In Love With My Car
15) Put Out The Fire
16) Headlong
17) It’s Late
18) No One But You

Queen Rocks

Queen Compilation Album

This compilation album is mostly a collection of Queen’s heaviest rock songs however it also contained 1 new track, “No One But You (Only the Good Die Young)” which was penned by Brian and Roger as a tribute to Freddie who died 6 years previous.

Recommended Songs: Tie Your Mother Down (May), I Can’t Live With You (Queen), Headlong (Queen), It’s Late (May), No One But You (May / Taylor / Deacon)


‘Queen Rocks’, is a selection of Queens heaviest rock songs as well as one new track called ‘No One But You’ which is a tribute to Freddie, and was originally going to be on Brians solo album but felt its best kept as a Queen song. The album is about half and half, 1974 – 1981 and 1981 – 1992, slightly biased on the early years, which reflects the heavier rock element of Queen’s music. All of Queens albums have a mixture of heavy and lighter songs, however, this compilation has all the best rockers on one album. The Queen Rocks album is a collection of songs which reflects why many people liked Queen. Whenever I run polls online the heavier Queen songs always do better – people seem to like that side of Queen. Perhaps that is why Queen Rocks is one of the Queen compilations which is enjoyed by fans worldwide.

Review Rating: 8

Did you know …. once, at a concert in Germany, Freddie was singing ‘Hammer To Fall’ and he fell down and broke his leg.

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