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Live Magic

Released : Monday, 1st December 1986
Highest UK Chart Position : 3

Track Listing

1) One Vision Queen 
2) Tie Your Mother Down May
3) Seven Seas of Rhye Mercury 
4) A Kind of Magic Taylor 
5) Under Pressure Queen & David Bowie 
6) Another One Bites the Dust Deacon 
7) I Want to Break Free Deacon 
8) Is This the World We Created? Mercury & May 
9) Bohemian Rhapsody Mercury 
10) Hammer To Fall May 
11) Radio Ga-Ga Taylor 
12) We Will Rock You May
13) Friends Will Be Friends Mercury & Deacon 
14) We Are The Champions Mercury 
15) God Save The Queen Trad. arr. 

Queen, Live Magic

Queen live album

Produced by Queen / Trip Khalaf.
Recorded at Wembley Stadium and Knebworth Park, England and Nepstadion, Budapest, Hungary.
Recommended Songs: One Vision (Queen), Tie Your Mother Down (May), A Kind of Magic (Taylor), Hammer To Fall (May)


This is a short compilation of Live performances from the Magic Tour of 1986. There are some notable exceptions/inclusions on the album – as well as a ‘Cut’ version of Bohemian Rhapsody, which didn’t go down well with Queen fans. All of the tracks were recorded live at Knebworth Park, England apart from ‘A Kind Of Magic’ and ‘Under Pressure’ which were recorded at Nepstadion, Budapest, Hungary; and ‘Is This The World We Created?’ was recorded at Wembley Stadium 11th/12th July 1986. The album is a good example of Queen’s live performances and the quality of the sound is very good, with all instruments and vocals very clear. The album has 14 Queen tracks (excl. God Save the Queen, trad. arr.) and all of them are hits. Did you know …. on the Kind of Magic tour, Queen played a Hungarian folk song, Tavaszi Szél, so that the crowd could join in. The crowd really appreciated the gesture as Queen was one of the first rock bands to play there.

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