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Queen, In Their Own Words

Queen Book

Queen In Their Own Words by Mick St. Michael
Paperback: 112 pages
ISBN: 0711930147

There’s not very much available on-line about Queen In Their Own Words. The Author’s descriptive text about this Queen related book is as follows … “A compilation of quotations by the rock group Queen. They range from their early days to the Aids related death of singer Freddie Mercury in 1991.” Unfortunately that’s not a lot to go on and if you are publishing a book, perhaps having a descriptive paragraph rather than a one-liner might be a more apt promotional tool. I don’t actually own this book but I was lucky enough to find it in a book shop a few years ago and I do recall leafing through it. Not the most memorable of books but there were a few items which I thought were novel and new.

This 112 page book details the band’s formation through quotations and interviews from the early pre-Queen days of Smile and Larry Lurex, all the way through the formation of the band Queen and on to the later years of Innuendo an the untimely death of the Queen lead singer and front-man, Freddie Mercury.

Reviews of Queen, In Their Own Words

One reviewer on Amazon said “From real life to paper, numerous quotes, well-known ones and less known; always interesting to read from. A book I would recommend for all the fans!

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