Queen Forever

Queen Forever, Queen Album

Queen Forever, Released in November 2014, this 36 track, 2 CD album features 3 previously unreleased Queen tracks with Freddie Mercury on vocals.

The new tracks include a long anticipated and rumoured song from Queen and Michael Jackson, ‘There Must Be More to Life Than This’. It also includes a previously unfinished Mercury/Queen song called ‘Let Me In Your Heart Again’ which was actually recorded around the time of the Works album in 83/84. The final new track is a ballad version of Mercury’s first solo hit, ‘Love Kills.’ … which at first I was not sure about but now I really like.

The rest of the Queen Forever album includes a lot of other Queen hits and new takes on well-known songs. The album was assembled by May and Roger Taylor themselves and all the tracks on Queen Forever are all linked to represent a definitive collection of Queen’s timeless love songs.

Overall there is not one weak song on this album – hits from start to finish !

  • Overall Rating 100% 100%
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