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Queen Forever – Holland’s premier Queen Tribute Band

The Queen Forever Tribute Band is a powerful recreation of the legendary British rock-formation ‘Queen’, looking, dressing and sounding like Queen. The Queen Forever band performs all their music 100% live and include all the Greatest Hits of Queen. The two-hour set includes epic Queen-anthems such as ‘Innuendo’, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘Barcelona’.

you should check out the Queen Forever website as it is very well designed and tells you a lot about the tribute act. The homepage has a ver well delivered video intro, plus as you scroll you can see the up-coming tours and shows. There are videos and photos on the website which you can enjoy, allowing you to get a feel for the sights and sounds of Queen Forever. The photos are really high quality, and one of those (top row , middle) looks really like the Queen lighting rig and stage setup – amazing shot. The section on the band is very interesting, plus, you should check out the references which Queen Forever have obtained from press etc. There are also links to the bands social media, namely Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube – so perhaps you can give them a follow on those platforms also. 


If you have seen the “Queen Forever Tribute Band”, then please do drop me an email or contact me on social media and I would be happy to add your testimonial to their Queen Tribute profile page.

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