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Queen Locations

The Queen Locations site is run by Judit from Barcelona (Catalonia) and the site documents her trip to London in February 2019. Judit visited many Queen related locations and mapped them on some Queen itineraries. There are also Queen related locations for Barcelona, Munich, Osaka, and Montreux with other cities to come in time. This is ideal if you are a Queen fan who wants to be in the same location that Freddie, John, Roger and Brian have been in at some stage in history. These locations have been added time an time again to create a great website resource for lovers of the band Queen. Please do take some time to visit the website and see for yourself. Perhaps one of the locations is near you?

It is nice to see some new Queen sites coming on stream, so I would encourage you to visit the page and take a look at the content on this really interesting site.

Website Update

October 2021 – I checked out the Queen Locations website and I found that it was still on line but was not showing an location information. The site was asking for an upgrade – if you are the website owner then please do take a look at the site and let me know if it is back up and running.

However, if you are still looking for information about Queen in London and locations where Queen have been , then you can click my own fully interactive map of London, on the Queen in London section.

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