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Queen Concerts

Queen Concerts was set up in 2002 and is still being updated. There is information on every Queen Concert as well as concerts performed by Queen band members. Check out the Concert information, ticket stubs, tour programs as well as a wanted and for sale section. If you have been at a Queen Concert or would have loved to have been at a Queen Concert then this website is for you. There is so much valuable information on this site you will be on it for hours. Also, the Queen Concerts website is now on Instagram so there is no reason for you not to check them out.

The Queen Concerts site is run by Martin Skála from the Czech Republic. Having seen Queen with Freddie Martin became a hue fan of Queen and attended the tours after Freddie had passed, such as the Queen with Paul Rodgers and Queen with Adam Lambert. Martin has seen Queen about 50 times at this stage – so you are getting information on this website that you can trust.

The website started in 2002 , a year before the website you are currently on. He had run a website called Mr.Scully’s Queen Of Rock and it was closed due to a letter from EMI. The new era of QueenConcerts has proved very popular mainly due to the amazing level of updates that Martin puts on the site.  It has to be THE Most accurate account of the Tours and Concerts of Queen. 

There is so much information on this site if you have been at one of the Queen tours over the years. Also on the website please take note of the gallery of ticket stubs, Queen tour programs and other band memorabilia that is shown on the QueenConcerts website.

Visit the website by clicking the link below.

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