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Champions of the World

Queen – Champions Of The World 

Queen Video/DVD

Queen, Champions of the World ; Release Date: November 6, 1995
ASIN: B00004CRI5

Queen – Champions of the World is an excellent documentary on the history of Queen. This documentary on the music group Queen includes performance and rehearsal footage, and exclusive interviews from backstage at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert. It was one of the first post-Freddie documentaries to air on UK Television as soon channels ran an edited 60 minute version of this, however the purchased version has much more footage. With previously unseen footage of Queen’s earlier days it provides glimpses of Queen not seen in other documentaries, behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the music videos, their concerts, and writing of songs. It also has interviews with Queen, their friends and fans. Being VHS there are no hidden features, but its a good one for the avid Queen fan to add to the collection. Perhaps at some stage there may be a version of this video on DVD, streaming or download.

Amazing Reviews of this product

It is a great Queen documentary and some of the reviews on Amazon give this a glowing review. Doing a good documentary for a much loved band is always tricky – there are lots of bad music documentaries. This however is not, it’s excellent. One Reviewer says, “they’ve done a wonderful job producing and editing the history of Queen“. The documenrary features interviews with Brian May, Roger Taylor, John Deacon and old footage of Freddie Mercury in interview. The documentary is structured with different themes, such as pre-Queen (Smile / Larry Lurex) all the way to Waynes World and the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert.  Well wothe a watch, but by now, I would say EBay might be the only place you can get this on VHS and I’m sure there might even be a copy somewhere on YouTube.

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