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QE2 Queen Tribute from the UK

QE2 – UK Queen Tribute Band

QE2 – The very best of QUEEN; is a Queen Tribute Band from the UK. The QE2 Queen Tribute has over 20 years experience and the band aims to recreate, with breathtaking accuracy, the style and excitement of a Queen Concert. 

The band has been created and is performed with love and admiration for the late, great Freddie Mercury and the musical legacy of Queen. There is a true desire in each member of this Queen Tribute to replicate what made the rock band Queen so special. When you see the QE2 Queen Tribute perform live you will enjoy some of the live magic that made Queen the international super-group it is today.

The band don’t have a dedicated Tribute Band Website however they are very active on social media, specifically, Facebook. A link to their facebook page is included below so you should check that out. On that channel you will find a few videos of the band in full flow, I particularly liked their rendition of Tie your Mother Down and the footage from Malta. Most of the videos are under 5 minutes long and hopefully there will be more added in the mean time.

Check out their Facebook Page at

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