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Piotre Queen Remixes

The Piotre Queen Remixes website is a very interesting website as it shows how Queen songs could be remixed. It is Wonderful content if you are interested in music remixing or even how an existing song can be re-interpreted. I also like the multitrack section where you can get studio style multitracks of Queen songs.

On the website you can find a lot of great music and remixes. There are remixes, EPs, Albums, Video clios and Multitracks. For me the Queen multitracks area is a wow and an must go. I love listening to the multitracks and hearing the isolated vocals and individual instruments within the Queen songs. you can hear so much on those multitracks, such as guitar on Radio Ga Ga which is hard to hear on the final produced track.

You can also find this site on Twitter, Facebook, Mixcloud, Vimoe and YouTube, so you really should take a look at the website and see for yourself what this talented Quieen music lover has done. Finally, you can also find a section called ‘other sites’ which is essentially a link section to other related Queen / music websites, and on there you can find a link back to my own Queen Fan Site (so thank you very much to Piotre / the webmaster on that site).

I often re-visit this website because I know more will be added every few months – so why not take a look yourself at this great website.

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