Miracle Queen - Italian Queen Tribute Band

Miracle Queen – Italian Queen Tribute Band

Miracle Queen is an Italian Queen Tribute Band which started at the end of 2010, which would have been the 40th Anniversary of Queen.

Apparently the the name of the band, Miracle, comes from the fact that the effort involved in putting together a Queen Tribute Band was indeed a Miracle. 

The Miracle Queen tribue band performs a number of Queen Set Lists, from “Queen Live at Wembley ’86” and the famous 1982 gig “Queen Live at the Bowl (Milton Keynes)” and of course the famous “Queen Live in Rio” set. The Miracle band pay tribute to Queen in a very true sence. If you check out their website you can see the quality of their production and they are recognised by the Italian Queen Fan Club. 

They have performed at many parties from the town square to the sports hall, as well as a tour of theaters from summer 2014. Miracle have also some television and radio appearances as well as having participated in the Italian 2015, 2016 Telethon campaigns.

Check out Miracle Queen’s Website below for more information on this great Queen Tribute Band.

Website : http://miraclequeen.it

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