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Live At The Rainbow

Live At The Rainbow

Queen Album

Released September 8, 2014

Live at the Rainbow ’74 is the famous Queen concert from the Sheer Heart Attack Tour, recorded live at the Rainbow Theatre in London on 19 & 20 November 1974. I saw this concert advertised on satellite TV back in 1989, not an official release, and I’m delighted that you can actually get an official release now.

It was released in September 2014 in a single CD, double CD, DVD, SD Blu-ray and quadruple vinyl formats, as well as a deluxe box set including reproduction tour memorabilia. The single disc and video editions the main concert, while the double CD and vinyl releases include this material plus a concert recorded at the Rainbow earlier in the year, on 31 March, as part of the Queen II Tour. The DVD and Blu-ray also include four bonus tracks from the earlier Queen II concert (so avid Queen fans might want to go for that one).

The concert footage was previously released as ‘Live at the Rainbow’, which is probably the video VHS I saw for sale back in the late 80s’ On that version it was a half-hour film containing footage from both November shows.

I’ve listened to this album and it is a great throwback to Queen at the height of the early UK tours.

Unfortunately the Rainbow venue is no longer a music venue, instead, it is a religious church. You can see more on my Interactive Queen Map of London.

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