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Jazz - Queen


Queen Album

Produced by Queen and Roy Thomas Baker
Engineered by Geoff Workman
Cover Concept by Queen.

Freddie Mercury : Vocals,Piano
Brian May : Guitar,Vocals
Roger Taylor : Percussion,Vocals
John Deacon : Bass Guitar

Thunderbolt courtesy of God.

Recommended Songs : Jealousy (Mercury), If You Can’t Beat Them (Deacon), Don’t Stop Me Now (Mercury), Dead On Time (May)


The Jazz Album has had varied reviews over the years, some say it lacked inventiveness and that Queen were running out of ideas, where-as others say it was well produced and inventive. At the time the album was released, many of the music reviews slated the album, NME said “ I’d like to care for Queen in the same way, as in the beginning of seventies, but it’s imposible.” … they were right in one sence – in that this is not a heavy album ; ‘Dead on Time’ is probably the heaviest song on the album. I feel the album could have done with a bit more influence from Brian May – the Red Special wasn’t as active as it was in other albums.

Despite the cirticism (which I very much don’t agree with) the album has many highlights. So much so, the only track I don’t consider as a favourite, is ‘Fun It’, and even at that its still an okay song. I might even say that Jazz is an album which I could play from start to finish and then press play again (which I did the first week I got the album). Its a very entertaining and enjoyable album.

Roger once again, came up with the concept for the album cover for Jazz and with name for the new album. He saw on the Berlin wall, a whirl of concentric circles and a Jazz sign, and thought it would be a good idea for their new album. The double-A sided, ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ and ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ , as well as the controversial ‘Bicycle Race’ are probably the most well known tracks on the album. The ‘Bicycle Race’ controversy started with a music video and poster with hundreds of naked girls on bicycles. Queen lost a small section of their audience, especially in the USA as it was considered by some as pornography (we were obviously more shocked pre-internet days). Queen got the bikes from Halfords and had to replace all the saddles upon return, once they found out about the video (they would have made a fortune on E-Bay).

Overall, it is entertaining, complete, and enjoyable, so ‘Fun It’ and have a listen to Jazz.

Did you know … the explosion at the end of ‘Dead on Time’ are real thunder-claps which were recorded in France, when Brian ran outside with a hand held tape recorder. Thats why you see “Thunderbolt courtesy of God.” !

  • Overall Rating 88% 88%
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