Released: Monday, 4th February 1991
Highest UK Chart Position: 1

Track Listing

1)  Innuendo

2)  I’m Going Slightly Mad

3)  Headlong

4)  I Can’t Live With You

5)  Don’t Try So Hard

6)  Ride The Wild Wind

7)  All God’s People

8)  These Are The Days Of Our Lives

9)  Delilah

10)  The Hitman

11)  Bijou

12)  The Show Must Go On


Queen Album

Keyboards on ‘All God’s People’ by Mike Moran.
On ‘Innuendo’ Additional Wandering Minstrel Spanish Guitar – Somewhere in the Middle – by Steve Howe. Many thanks Steve.

All instruments played by Queen.
Freddie Mercury : Lead Vocals and Keyboards.
Brian May : Guitars, Keyboards, Harmonies and Vocals.
Roger Taylor : Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Harmonies and Vocals.
John Deacon : Bass and Keyboards.

Recommended Songs: Innuendo, The Show Must Go On, These Are The Days Of Our Lives


Queen wrote this album in their studios in Switzerland working with co-producer Dave Richards. Brian has commented that he thinks this album is one of their best and I would have to agree. The album was written in an unusual style, almost like a live performance with elements of improvisation during the sessions.

The album starts with the bolero-style Innuendo, which was a risk, as it was very different – but it worked. Innuendo was a popular single and had different versions released n CD. Other tracks of note on the album include ‘Headlong’, ‘I Can’t Live With You’, ‘All God’s People’, ‘These Are The Days Of Our Lives’, and ‘The Show Must Go On’. Both ‘Headlong’, and ‘I Can’t Live With You’ were both started by Brian and then Freddie liked what he heard and put lyrics to the songs. The gospel-styled ‘All God’s People’ was actually going to be included on one of Freddie’s solo album, but eventually, all members of Queen added content to it and it was then a Queen classic.
Two songs which have a retrospective quality about them are ‘These Are The Days Of Our Lives’ which has the last ever shot of Freddie on camera and which includes the words ‘…I still Love You’ which may have been a coded message to Queen fans, a thank you; and also ‘The Show Must Go On’ which is a great way to close the Chapter which was Queen with Freddie Mercury – it was this song that was in the charts the week Freddie died.

Did you know… The song ‘Deliah’ on Innuendo is actually about Freddie Mercurys cat Deliah.

  • Overall Rating 91% 91%
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