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Innuendo – Italian Queen Tribute Band

Innuendo are an Italian Queen Tribute Band, however Innuendo are not Queen “look-alike” tribute band. The Innuendo Tribute band rather focuses on the quality of the musical performance and the intensity of interpretation. The Website is in Italian and in English but you have to look very hard to find the entrance to the site. For English you need to go Top Left on the website and Italian is Top Right .. look for the English and Italian flags, they are very small and you could miss them.

Anyway, on the Innuendo Tribute website you can find all about the Innuendo Band, there is a full listing of Gigs as well as a photo Gallery which may interest those who have either never seen this tribute band before as well as those who have seen the band and are trying to spot the venues they were at. The Media section of the Innuendo website includes a lot of the YouTube videos of the Tribute band in action. There is also an online Store where you can purchase copies of concerts. If you are booking the band there is also a stage layout guide on the front page of the site and also on the front page is a guestbook where you can sign and say hello to the band. There is a Links section (which still doesn’t link to Shane’s Queen Site but that’s ok) and finally a link to the Innuendo Tribute Band Facebook page. Click the link below to be transported to their website where you can browse for yourself.


If you have seen the Innuendo Italian Queen Tribute , then please drop me an email or a private message and I would be glad to add your testimonial or review to their profile page.

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