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Greatest Hits III

Released: Monday, 8th November 1999
Highest UK Chart Position: 5

Track Listing

1) The Show Must Go On (live with Elton John)
2) Under Pressure (Rah mix)
3) Barcelona
4) Too Much Love Will Kill You
5) Somebody To Love (live with George Michael)
6) You Don’t Fool Me
7) Heaven For Everyone
8) Las Palabras De Amor
9) Driven By You
10) Living On My Own (No More Brothers remix)
11) Let Me Live
12) The Great Pretender
13) Princes Of The Universe
14) Another One Bites The Dust
15) No One But You
16) These Are The Days Of Our Lives
17) Thank God It’s Christmas

Queen Greatest Hits III

Queen Greatest Hits III is a Queen compilation album that has 17 tracks of Queen work that was either not included in previous compilations or had been collaborations with other artists.

Recommended Songs: Barcelona (Freddie Mercury & Mike Moran), Somebody To Love (Mercury), Las Palabras De Amor (May), No One But You (Queen), These Are The Days Of Our Lives (Queen)


Queen Greatest Hits 3 : Queen Compilation Album Review

Queen’s Greatest Hits III will probably be the very last album from Queen – and definitely the last Greatest Hits. It includes Queen collaborations with other artists including Elton John, George Michael, and David Bowie, as well as solo songs and some remixes – all of which got into the Top 30. An alternate name for the album is Queen+ due to the fact that there are other artists on the album.
One of the highlights is actually in the video of ‘Under Pressure’ which sees Freddie and David Bowie singing live, together, on stage … however, this never happened and it was all done digitally. The only low-light is the inclusion of Wyclef Jeans ‘attempt’ at ‘Another one bites the Dust’!

Overall it is a great way for Queen to bow out with a compilation album of their best solo, recent, and not-so-recent material. Mojo called Queen Greatest Hits III, ‘vocal magic here comes from a certain Mercurial talent’. The compilation is available on its own and also as a compilation or compilations, in Greatest Hits I, II and III.

Greatest Hits 3 – Review Rating: 8

Did you know … the video for ‘These of the Days of our Lives’ was filmed in 2 sections as Brian was in the USA promoting his solo album. Brian was then added separately to the composite video image for the promotional clip.

Press Review of Queen Greatest Hits III

Despite the fact that Queen effectively ceased to exist way back in 1991 with the tragically premature demise of their peerlessly flamboyant frontman, Freddie Mercury, public interest in the band’s awesome musical legacy shows absolutely no sign of abating. This third collection of the astonishingly baroque rockers’ singles chart successes is augmented with a contemporarily re-jigged dance mix of their iconic collaboration with David Bowie as well as a choice selection of solo outings. Mercury’s kitsch take on 1950’s favourite “The Great Pretender” and the heroically operatic “Barcelona” rub shoulders with Brian May’s strident “Driven By You” and histrionic “Too Much Love Will Kill You”. Greatest Hits III, rather than being a barrel-scraping hotchpotch of leftover odds and sods, collates some of Queen’s finest recorded moments; witness “The Show Must Go On” and “These Are The Days Of Our Lives”, and ultimately serves to complete the band’s perfect sonic circle.

Ian Fortnam

Louder Sounds

  • Overall Rating 88% 88%
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