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Fun in Space - Roger Taylor
Released : Monday, 6th April 1981
Higest UK Chart Position : 18

Track Listing

1) No Violins
2) Laugh Or Cry
3) Future Management
4) Let’s Get Crazy
5) My Country I & II
6) Good Times Are Now
7) Magic Is Loose
8) Interlude In Constantinople
9) Airheads
10) Fun In Space

Fun in Space

Roger Taylor Album

Produced by Roger Taylor


Roger Taylor : Instruments and Vocals
David Richards : Approx 50% of keyboards

Recorded at Mountain Studios

All influences conscious, subconscious and unconscious
P.S. Hello listeners. I hope you enjoy and have fun with this, my very own album.
I like it. If you don’t, sod you.
P.P.S. 157 Synthesizers

Recommended Songs : Future Management, Let’s Get Crazy


This was the first solo project by any member of Queen. The album itself is very much in the style of Rogers’ songs on the Queen album The Game, such as Coming Soon. If you like Rogers songs on Queens albums then you will probably like this album.
The songs are nice, simple songs, not big Freddie Mercury-esque Epic songs. One of the most interesting points is that Roger plays nearly 100% of the instruments on this album and that there are 157 synths used on the album – compare this with the No synths messages of the early Queen albums.
Overall its a very enjoyable album but not a classic.
Review Rating : 7

Did you know …. there are 157 synths used on the album and Roger plays nearly all the instruments on the album !!

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