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Freddie Mercury Solo Collection 1973-2000

Freddie Mercury Solo Collection


This boxed set is an excellent collection of all Freddie Mercurys work, including 2 DVDs. There is some Queen footage obviously but much of the Freddie Mercury Solo Collection focuses on Freddie’s solo projects without Queen.

The Collection comes in a beautiful boxed set. The solo collection set contains 10 CD’s and 2 DVD’s, packed in a book shaped box with a large storage area inside.

Recorded at various times between 1973 – 2000.

Compilation Set

Recommended Songs : Barcelona, How Can I Go On, In My Defence, I Can Hear Music, Goin’ Back, Time


This Freddie Mercury compilation album contains more than enough material for even the most avid Queen and Freddie fan. The CDs range from the early days of Queen, Larry Lurex era to the Freddie Mercury album and the operatic projects of Barcelona.

Review Rating : 10

Includes Pal Region Two Dvd Not Playable on all USA Dvd Players

Released : Monday, October 23 2000

Track Listing

1) Let’s Turn It On

2) Made In Heaven

3) I Was Born To Love You

4) Foolin’ Around

5) Your Kind Of Lover

6) Mr. Bad Guy

7) Man Made Paradise

8) There Must Be More To Life Than This

9) Living On My Own

10) My Love Is Dangerous

11) Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow

12) Barcelona

13) La Japonaise

14) The Fallen Priest

15) Ensueno

16) The Golden Boy

17) Guide Me Home

18) How Can I Go On

19) Overture Piccante

The Great Pretender

Foolin’ Around

22) Time 

23) Your Kind Of Lover

24) Exercises In Free Love

25) In My Defence

26) Mr Bad Guy

27) Let’s Turn It On

28) Living On My Own

29) My Love Is Dangerous

30) Love Kills

31) I Can Hear Music

32) Goin’ Back

33) Love Kills

34) Love Kills

35) I Was Born To Love You

36) Stop All The Fighting

37) Stop All The Fighting

38) Made In Heaven

39) She Blows Hot & Cold

40) She Blows Hot & Cold

41) Living On My Own

42) My Love Is Dangerous

43) Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow

44) Let’s Turn It On

45) Time

46) Time

47) Time

48) In My Defence

49) The Great Pretender

50) The Great Pretender

51) Exercises In Free Love

52) Barcelona

53) Barcelona

54) How Can I Go On

55) Living On My Own

56) Living On My Own

57) Living On My Own

58) Living On My Own

59) Barcelona

60) La Japonaise

61) The Fallen Priest

62) Ensueno

63) The Golden Boy

64) Guide Me Home

65) How Can I Go On

66) Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow

67) Made In Heaven

68) Mr Bad Guy

69) There Must Be More To Life Than This

70) In My Defence

71) The Great Pretender

72) Lets Turn It On

73) Made In Heaven

74) I Was Born To Love You

75) Foolin’ Around

76) Foolin’ Around

77) Foolin’ Around

78) Your Kind Of Lover

79) Your Kind Of Lover

80) Mr Bad Guy

81) Mr Bad Guy

82) There Must Be More To Life Than This

83) Living On My Own

84) Love Is Dangerous

85) Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow

86) Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow

87) Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow

88) Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow

89) She Blows Hot & Cold

90) Gazelle

91) Money Can’t Buy Happiness

92) Love Makin’ Love

93) God Is Heavy

94) New York

95) The Duet (The Fallen Priest)

96) Idea (Barcelona)

97) Idea (Barcelona)

98) Barcelona

99) Barcelona

100) Barcelona

101) La Japonaise

102) La Japonaise

103) Rachmaninov’s Revenge (The Fallen Priest)

Rachmaninov’s Revenge (The Fallen Priest)

105) Ensueno

106) The Golden Boy

107) The Golden Boy

108) Guide Me Home/ How Can I Go On

109) How Can I Go On

110) How Can I Go On

111) When This Old Tired Body Wants To Sing

112) When This Old Tired Body Wants To Sing

113) Rain

114) Green

115) The Man From Manhattan

116) Love Is The Hero

117) Lady With A Tenor Sax

118) Hold On

119) Heaven For Everyone

120) Love Kills

121) Love Kills

122) The Great Pretender

123) Holding On

124) It’s So You

125) I Can’t Dance/ Keep Smilin’

126) Horns Of Doom

127) Yellow Breezes

128) Have A Nice Day

129) 1979-London-The Crazy Tour

130) 1984, Munich-The Works Tour

131) 1984, Munich-Pt.2 Going Solo

132) 1985, Wembley London- Week Of Live Aid

133) 1986, London-The Magic Tour

134) 1987, Ibiza-Freddie’s 41st Birthday (Pt. 1)

135) 1987, Ibiza-Freddie’s 41st Birthday (Pt. 2)

136) 1987, Ibiza-Freddie’s 41st Birthday (Pt. 3)

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