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FMQ Freddie Mercury and Queen

The FMQ, Freddie Mercury and Queen website has been running for a few years and has everything about Freddie Mercury and Queen. The FMQ website covers everything from Freddie Mercury’s childhood in Zanzibar, Freddie growing up in India, his move to the UK and then his change of name from Faroukh to Freddie. The site covers every aspect of Freddie’s life and music. It also covers Queen News, Links, Books, Articles and the people about Freddie. Lots of reading on this site and I look forward to visiting the Freddie Mercury and Queen FMQ page again soon.

There is so much on this website.  From start to finish, some of the highlights of the website include Freddie’s First Steps in Zanzibar, Freddie’s time growing up in India, and his travel to the UK. There is also great information on Queen forming, the first few albums, Live Aid, and Freddie’s last days. So much information which a Queen fan, new or old, might be interested in. There is also a great Links page which I’m glad to say has a link back to Shane’s Quen Site (Thank you FMQ webmaster) , plus you can find information on books, articles, Queen band members, and much much more …

Queen Fan Website :

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