Celebrating Queen US Tribute Band

Celebrating Queen US Tribute Band

The Queen Tribute band Celebrating Queen is taking a rest from performing, well so is everyone else. They are working on the new show now, oh my, a treat is being prepared.  Also, for smaller more intimate venues,  JJ Midnight has his new “Freddie” show, … Pure vocals with cool instrumentations. Fastidious and Precise! 

You also get to see myself, Shane, of Shane’s Queen Site as I am keyboardist for this tribue show !!

When you see Celebrating Queen, you will not only experience an amazing stage show, but you will be smacked in the ears with a wall of sound, featuring the finest studio take quality recreations of their hits and deep album cuts. That wall of sound is constructed with the finest vocals featuring JJ and CJ Midnight and a rock band coming at you with a full head of steam!

The show tributes the Queen songs, the hits, that sparkle throughout time and plays Bohemian Rhapsody – FULL VOCALS LIVE!
You will also hear We Are The Champions, Another One Bites The Dust, Fat Bottomed Girls, Killer Queen, Your My Best Friend, Somebody To Love, and deep album cuts like Death On Two Legs, and The March Of The Black Queen. All in All – 2 Hours Of Rock ‘n’ Awe!

Celebrating Queen is looking to fill Theatres, Fairs, Festivals, Casinos, Special events anywhere around the world.  This is a great opportunity because this Tribute Band works tirelessly to promote in the media about the health benefits of singing…this draws media, check out the links below.

The music of Queen is loved worldwide.  Celebrating Queen is 2 hours of full-out Queen, not a thin replica or imitation, but instead presents a full out theatre style presentation.
Audiences leave a part of it. They will be singing! Everybody Sings !


Booking Enquiries

If you wish to book this superb Queen Tribute Band please contact via the details below.

Europe & USA Booking Now.  Festivals, Fairs, Casinos, Theaters, Corporate & Municipal.

Phone : USA 646.543.7601

Website : http://www.celebratingqueen.com

Email : celebratingqueen@gmail.com

Band Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/celebratingqueen/

Instagram : instagram.com/celebratingqueenusa

YouTube : youtube.com/celebratingqueen

ReverbNation : reverbnation.com/celebratingqueen

Celebrating Queen USA! This Queen Tribute Band Rocks! An Extra Extravaganza Of Queen! Ultimate Queen, Ultimate Queen Ultimately!

A Celebration Of Queen by Celebrating Queen!

Booking late 2020 and all of 2021 The Foremost Tribute To The Music Of Queen 2021

Celebrating Queen : Sample Videos and Showreel

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