Bohemian Rhapsody - Soundtrack

Bohemian Rhapsody (Original Soundtrack)

Queen Compilation Album
Soundtrack to Bohemian Rhapsody the Movie (2018)

This is the original soundtrack to the Queen movie biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody. The tracks on this compilation album for Bohemian Rhapsody was actually curated by Brian May and Roger Taylor – they picked the very best tracks for the movie.

The album includes a few rare tracks including Fat Bottomed Girls from the Paris shows of 1979’s Jazz World Tour and the 1985 Rock in Rio rendition of Love of My Life.

One song, Down’ All Right, is actually re-done with the original performed by Smile lineup of Brian, Roger and Tim Staffell. The song Down’ All Right was released on Queen’s debut album with Freddie’s vocals and using a piano instead of guitars. In essence, the band Smile, reformed for this album for the first time in 50 years.

The album also includes songs from Queen’s performance at Live Aid available for the first time ever.

The full tracklisting for Bohemian Rhapsody’s Original Soundtrack is:

1. 20th Century Fox Fanfare    0:25
2. Somebody To Love    4:56
3. Doing All Right… revisited    (Performed by Smile)    3:17
4. Keep Yourself Alive    (Live At The Rainbow)    3:56
5. Killer Queen    2:59
6. Fat Bottomed Girls    (Live In Paris)    4:38
7. Bohemian Rhapsody    5:55
8. Now I’m Here    (Live At Hammersmith Odeon)    4:26
9. Crazy Little Thing Called Love    2:43
10. Love Of My Life    (Rock In Rio)    4:29
11. We Will Rock You    (Movie Mix)    2:09
12. Another One Bites The Dust    3:35
13. I Want To Break Free    3:43
14. Under Pressure    (Performed by Queen & David Bowie)     4:04
15. Who Wants To Live Forever    5:15
16. Bohemian Rhapsody    (Live Aid)    2:28
17. Radio Ga Ga    (Live Aid)    4:06
18. Ay-Oh    (Live Aid)     0:41
19. Hammer To Fall    (Live Aid)    4:04
20. We Are The Champions    (Live Aid)    3:57
21. Don’t Stop Me Now… revisited    3:38
22. The Show Must Go On    4:32


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