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Baroness, A Queen Tribute – US Based Queen Tribute Band

Baroness, A Queen Tribute is a US Based Queen Tribute Band celebrating everything Queen. They deliver the full Queen experience live and a portion of each of their shows is donated to the Mercury Phoenix Trust. 

Update October 2021 : The latest check on the website for Baroness, but the website was not active. I checked back in October 2021 and still the Baroness Queen Tribute website was still down, pointing to a Wix 404 error page. If you know anything about the Baroness Tribute website and even if the Baroness band is still performing, then please do let me know. I even checked the Baroness YouTube page and Instagram accounts to see if perhaps they had updated the addresses there but to no avail sadly. 


If you have seen the Baroness Queen Tribute band , or you know what has happened to their tribut band website then please drop me an email and I would be glad to add your testimonial to their profile page.

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