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Released: Monday, 10th October 1988
Highest UK Chart Position: 15

Track Listing

1) Barcelona
2) La Japonaise
3) The Fallen Priest
4) Ensueno
5) The Golden Boy
6) Guide Me Home
7) How Can I Go On
8) Overture Piccante

Barcelona (album)

The Barcelona Album was recorded at Townhouse and Mountain Studios
Produced By Freddie Mercury, Mike Moran and David Richards.
Vocals by Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe
John Deacon: Bass Guitar on ‘How Can I Go On’.
Mike Moran: All Keyboards
Released in USA, in 1992

Recommended Songs : Barcelona, Ensueno, Guide Me Home, How Can I Go On

Review The classical/operatic venture with Montserrat Caballe lead to an excellent album which showed how good a voice Freddie had. The album reached number 6 in the classical charts in 1988 and Freddie and Montserrat appeared at an open-air festival in Spain to sing the title song on the album, Barcelona. The Olympics held in Barcelona in 1992, lead to the song being used then also ; in fact when the single was rereleased it got to #2 in the charts, compared to #8 in 1988 in its initial singles release. There are some excellent tracks on the album, and (apart from those who only like the Heavy Rock element of Queen) most will enjoy listening to this.

The album was later released with a different cover and it was also re-worked using an actual orchestra. You may be surprised to learn the the original Barcelona album used synths to create the album. Having listened to both I still prefer the original work.

Review Rating : 9


Interesting Facts and Frequent Questions about the Barcelona Album

Is Barcelona by Queen?

No the Barcelona album was not a Queen project however the song Barcelona does appear on the album Queen Greatest Hits III.

Did Freddie Mercury write the Barcelona song?

The Barcelona song was co-written by Freddie Mercury and Mike Moran. Mike also played piano and all keyboards for the studio recording of Barcelona.

Was Barcelona the Theme to the 1992 Olympics?

The song was submitted as a candidate for the 1992 Olympic theme but it was not the official theme for the Olympic games in that year which were held in Barcelona. On October 8th 1988, singing with Montserrat in Spain, was the very last time Freddie Mercury performed on stage. Freddie died the November before the Olympics.

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