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Back to the Light

Released: Monday, 21st September 1992
Highest UK Chart Position: 6

Track Listing

1) The Dark
2) Back to the light
3) Love Token
4) Resurrection
5) Too much love will kill you
6) Driven by you
7) Nothin’ but blue
8) I’m scared
9) Last Horizon
10) Let your heart rule your head
11) Just one life
12) Rollin’ over

Brian May – Back to the Light

All vocals, backing vocals, guitar, keyboards and anything else around by Brian May except:
Drums: Cozy Powell, Geoff Dugmore
Bass: Gary Tibbs, Neil Murray
Piano: Mike Moran
Keyboards: Don Airey
B.V.s: Miriam Stockley, Maggie Ryder, Suzie O’List, Gill O’Donovan
John Deacon: Bass on ‘Nothin’ but Blue’
Chris Thompson: Co-vocals on ‘Rollin’ Over’

This album, Back to the Light, is dedicated to Harold May, Alfred Dobson and Freddie Mercury. And to all those loved ones we have lost too soon.

Recommended Songs : Back to the Light, Too Much love will kill You, Last Horizon (inst.)

Back to the Light – Review

Back to the Light is a solo album by Brian May. Back to the Light was released on 21st September 1992 (Wikipedia and other sites do say 28th September but according to Mr. Brian May’s own website, the 21st is quoted … so I’m sure he is correct).

Back to the Light features some amazing songs such as Too Much Love Will Kill You, Back to the Light and Driven By You. Brian May’s album, ‘Back to the Light’ was compiled since the early 80’s with some of the material from the bits left over from the ‘Flash Gordon’ soundtrack.

Much of Brian’s content for the album is from personal experience, and relationships, with a light at the end of the tunnel, starting with ‘The Dark’ and with the albums title mentioning Light. Brian had many setbacks prior to the release of the album, with the death of his father and also his best friend, Freddie.

The song ‘Back to the Light’ is a great song but comes into its own when Brian performs it live. Other heavy-rock songs include ‘Driven by you’ and ‘Resurrection’. Did you know that the song ‘Driven By You’, was written by Brian for Ford motor company for an advertising campaign which had a different version of the song. However, this advertising campaign was at a time when Freddie’s health couldn’t have been worse. Brian wanted the campaign cancelled or at least delayed, but Freddie didn’t want that, and told Brian, “Release it! What better publicity can you have ?”. The song set up the publicity for the launch of ‘Back to the Light’, and eventually, the album reached No. 6 in the UK.

I really have played this album to death, maybe its the songs, or maybe its Brian’s Red Special excellence but I love this album.

Brian May – Back to the Light is a superb album and a complimentary album is the live album ‘Brian May Live at the Brixton Academy‘ as even live, this album sounds amazing.

Review Rating: 10

Did you know… “Too Much Love Will Kill You” won an Ivor Novello award for songwriting.

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