Another World

Released: Monday, June 1th 1998
Highest UK Chart Position: 32

Track Listing

1) Space
2) Business
3) China Belle
4) Why Don’t We Try Again
5) On My Way Up
6) Cyborg
7) The Guv’nor
8) Wilderness
9) Slow Down
10) One Rainy Wish
11) All The Way From Memphis
12) Another World

Another World, Brian May

Brian May Album

Produced by Brian May and Justin Shirley-Smith
Engineered by Justin Shirley-Smith
Mastered by Kevin Metcalfe
Design and Photography by Richard Gray

Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Programming by Brian May except:
Guitar: Jeff Beck, Jamie Moses
Drums: Cozy Powell, Taylor Hawkins
Bass: Neil Murray
B.Vx: Cathy Porter, Shelley Preston, Nikki Love, Becci Glover

This album is dedicated to my Mum and to our dear friend Cozy. Life will never be the same without you.


Yes, it’s been 6 years – a very long time to make my second solo album. Of course, there were a few distractions… I would love to tell you that after “Back To The Light” I stepped into a luminous place where life all made sense. But of course, that is not the case. I would love to say that at least I found the True Direction, freed my Spirit, and could tell you all about it, but, alas, no – not even close… Hey! – I tried… This album is the outpouring of a confused brain still trying to make sense of EVERYTHING, and amidst vast areas of despair, finding a few flashes of light. These are what I would like to share with you. Just one warning – in Another World, things are never QUITE what they seem. That’s it. We journey on. Hope you Enjoy…


Brian May
March ’98

Recorded at Allerton Hill, UK (at the back of Brians garden !)

Recommended Songs: Business, On my way up, The Guv’nor


This album is Brians second solo album and comes 6 years after Back to the Light. The album is very varied and there are many styles of songs, showing the range and flexibility of Brian Mays playing. Brians vocals sound very rich, … some may say even better than Back to the Light. Another great album from Bri !
Review Rating: 8

Did you know …. After the last song, there is a hidden instrumental track. Simply wait a few minutes and then an arrangement of the melody of certain tracks on piano. A Nice CD Easter Egg ! (I have to check this !)

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