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My Queen Recordings Online

This Section has some of my My Queen Recordings, such as MIDI & MP3 files I recorded over the past few years (2000 – 2012) using a Roland-JV35 Synth / Kawai MP9000 and a MIDI sequencer. I will be expanding this section soon, and I hope to re-record some of these, as some of them suffered from mixing problems, with regards to volumes and unbalanced sound or timings which I wasn’t happy with. Thanks to the Garageband the sound quality of recent items is much better – hope to update soon.

MIDI Files

 I Want It All – Queen

 A Kind of Magic

MP3 Recordings

blank SMD_Forever.mp3 (3:09) – Kawai MP9000 – [Piano, Strings]

blank SMD_We_are_the_Champions.mp3 (3:05) – Kawai MP9000 – [Piano, Strings, Bass Guitar], Epiphone II

blank SMD_Bohemian_Rhapsody.mp3 (2:18) – Kawai MP9000 – [Piano, Choir, Bass Guitar], Epiphone II

blank Nevermore.mp3 (1:36) – Kawai MP9000 – [Piano, Strings, Chorus, Organ] 

blank Don’t Stop Me Now (1:01) – Kawai MP9000 – [Piano] 

blank God Save the Queen (0:56) – Kawai MP9000 – [Strings x 2 Tracks] 

blank Too Much Love Will Kill You (0:49) – Kawai MP9000 [Strings] , Epiphone & Drum Mch.

blank Save Me – Version 1 (1:55) – Kawai MP9000 – [Piano, Flanged Strings, Chorus] 

blank Death On Two Legs (Intro) (0:19) – Kawai MP9000 [Piano] / , Epiphone II



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