Seven Seas of Rhye (intro) – Learn to Play Queen, Video

This is the first Learn to play Queen video and it is the Seven Seas of Rhye intro.

The intro is to Seven Seas of Rhye is basically an arpeggio (a series of notes played in a sequence). In the album recording Freddie actually plays this with both hands, which is very difficult.

In this version the first chords are the chords of D and G. The chord of D has the notes D F# and A , and G, is D G and B.  If you are only learning you may say the chord of G is G B and then D, but this is just another augmentation of the chord. You basically keep the same base note of D.

You play the chords arpeggio of D G D G D and then quickly play 2 D notes and you are off again.

Played quickly the notes are ;
D F# A D G B D F# A D G B D F# A D D F# A D G B D F# A D G B D F# A D

After this sequence you move to the G shape and this is a normal G and a G which has the 2nd and 4th notes of the G scale.
A normal G in the Seven Seas shape is D G B and the one with the 2nds and 4ths is D A C

Played quickly the notes for the second part and final part (the riff above) are ;
D G B D A C D G B D A C D G B D D G B D A C D G B D A C D G B D 

D F# A D G B D F# A D G B D F# A D D F# A D G B D F# A D G B D F# A D

Em chord     Em7/D    A     
... then into the main song


Click the link for the Full Version of Seven Seas of Rhye Chords 

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