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Part of this site has always been supporting people who want to learn the chords and music of Queen Songs. I launched the “Learn to Play Queen” back in 2019 and it is slowly growing. I would love to have more time to add more Queen piano tutorials but hopefully I will get a few more Queen piano videos online. So, What is the ‘Learn to play Queen’ section about … This is where I play a song and you get a top-down view of where my fingers are on the piano as I play that Queen song. I started with the “Seven Seas of Rhye” intro and it has grown slowly from there. You can click the link below if you want to learn to play that song.

I want to hear from you… what songs do you want to see in the Learning to Play Queen on piano section?
The Queen songs are shown slowed down and broken into bitesize pieces. i will show how these will be put together so you get to learn the full Queen song.In each video i also fo a full cover version of the Queen song to show how it is played correctly at the right album tempo.

Simply comment here with your suggestions or visit my Instagram or Twitter feeds using @shanesqueensite  !!

Learn to Play Queen – The Piano Tutorial Videos

Click link to visit that Queen Piano Tutorial video!
Some of the videos are hosted within the page which has the chords and tab for that song. Other songs bring you to the my YouTube Channel video directly.

Request a Song

If you wish to request a song for this section, please do so via my Twitter feed @shanesqueensite and I will do my best to get it online.

What’s Coming Soon on the How to Play Queen Songs section

The following Queen songs have been requested by visitors to the site and these will be filmed and uploaded to YouTube in the coming months. If there is a song not listed in the completed videos above or in the requests list below please email me and I will add your Queen song request to the list.

Who Wants to Live Forever

In the Lap of the Gods

Spread Your Wings (Earls Court Intro)

One Vision (intro)

Radio Ga Ga


I’m Going Slightly Mad

Only the Good Die Young

Bohemian Rhapsody (hand cross technique)

Bohemian Rhapsody (full song tutorial)

You’re My Best Friend Piano Tutorial

Death on Two Legs


If you want to learn how to play a specific Queen song please do let me know. I intend on growing this section in 2021/2022.

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