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Champions of Queen League

The Champions of Queen League is a online vote based league system designed to determine once and for all the publics favourite Queen songs. Votes will be cast on with alternate rounds on my @shanesqueensite Twitter account with the hashtag #ShanesQueenLeague and also here on the website – votes will then be combined for a final result. The scoring is 3 Points for a Win, 1 point for a draw and votes in favour and against are considered in case of a tie.

There is always debate into ‘What is the best Queen song?’ and this might at least answer some of these questions.
Scroll down for more details and to see the current polls and results…

Albums Completed to Date

Check out the best Queen songs on Queen I, Queen II & Sheer Heart Attack below.
Within the pages below is the final league table showing the winners and losers plus a video of the results.

Queen I

Queen I


Check out the best song on Queen I (1973) ; Queen’s Debut Album.

A Night at The Opera

A Night at The Opera


Which was the best song on A Night at the Opera (1975)

Queen II

Queen II


What was the best song on Queen II (1974), one of Queen’s best ever albums.

Sheer Heart Attack

Sheer Heart Attack


Which song from Sheer Heart Attack was voted the best song on this amazing album?

A Day at The Races

A Day at The Races


Which was the best song on A Day at the Races (1976)

About the Champions of Queen League

The Champions of Queen league will have every song on ever album pitted against each other from Queen’s first album all the way to Made in Heaven. The initial groupings will be within each of the 15 studio albums. There will be a champion and runner-up and these will go into one final group round with the top 2 songs being pitted against each other in one final round to the finish.

This will take a while to complete, but in the end there can be only one!

Don’t forget to search for the Hashtag #ShanesQueenLeague


Votes so far since starting the Champions of Queen League...

Best song on the

News of the World Album

The Polling for News of the World

This is now running on Twitter – visit @ShanesQueenSite and you can find out more.

Head to Head Schedule for News of the World polling

The poll / voting schedule for the Champions of Queen League – News of the World Round Robin is available below, with the Round Number and the head to head in each case.

Because there is an odd number of tracks on the album, one track gets a once-off ‘bye’ in each round.


Round / Head to Head

1 Sleeping on the Sidewalk Who Needs You
1 It’s Late Sheer Heart Attack
1 Fight from the Inside We Are the Champions
1 All Dead, All Dead Get Down, Make Love
1 Spread Your Wings My Melancholy Blues
1 We Will Rock You (bye)
2 Sleeping on the Sidewalk Spread Your Wings
2 We Will Rock You All Dead, All Dead
2 (bye) Fight from the Inside
2 My Melancholy Blues It’s Late
2 Get Down, Make Love Who Needs You
2 We Are the Champions Sheer Heart Attack 
3 Sleeping on the Sidewalk (bye) 
3 My Melancholy Blues We Will Rock You
3 Get Down, Make Love Spread Your Wings
3 We Are the Champions All Dead, All Dead
3 Sheer Heart Attack Fight from the Inside
3 Who Needs You It’s Late 
4 Sleeping on the Sidewalk Fight from the Inside
4 All Dead, All Dead It’s Late
4 Spread Your Wings Who Needs You
4 We Will Rock You Sheer Heart Attack
4 (bye) We Are the Champions
4 My Melancholy Blues Get Down, Make Love 
5 Sleeping on the Sidewalk It’s Late
5 Fight from the Inside Who Needs You
5 All Dead, All Dead Sheer Heart Attack
5 Spread Your Wings We Are the Champions
5 We Will Rock You Get Down, Make Love
5 (bye) My Melancholy Blues 
6 Sleeping on the Sidewalk My Melancholy Blues
6 Get Down, Make Love (bye)
6 We Are the Champions We Will Rock You
6 Sheer Heart Attack Spread Your Wings
6 Who Needs You All Dead, All Dead
6 It’s Late Fight from the Inside 
7 Sleeping on the Sidewalk We Are the Champions
7 Sheer Heart Attack Get Down, Make Love
7 Who Needs You My Melancholy Blues
7 It’s Late (bye)
7 Fight from the Inside We Will Rock You
7 All Dead, All Dead Spread Your Wings 
8 Sleeping on the Sidewalk All Dead, All Dead
8 Spread Your Wings Fight from the Inside
8 We Will Rock You It’s Late
8 (bye) Who Needs You
8 My Melancholy Blues Sheer Heart Attack
8 Get Down, Make Love We Are the Champions 
9 Sleeping on the Sidewalk Get Down, Make Love
9 We Are the Champions My Melancholy Blues
9 Sheer Heart Attack (bye)
9 Who Needs You We Will Rock You
9 It’s Late Spread Your Wings
9 Fight from the Inside All Dead, All Dead 
10 Sleeping on the Sidewalk Sheer Heart Attack
10 Who Needs You We Are the Champions
10 It’s Late Get Down, Make Love
10 Fight from the Inside My Melancholy Blues
10 All Dead, All Dead (bye)
10 Spread Your Wings We Will Rock You
11 Sleeping on the Sidewalk We Will Rock You 
11 (bye) Spread Your Wings
11 My Melancholy Blues All Dead, All Dead
11 Get Down, Make Love Fight from the Inside
11 We Are the Champions It’s Late
11 Sheer Heart Attack Who Needs You

Champions of Queen League

More to come soon…we are currently polling the News of the World album.

Which song will be voted the Best on News of the World ?

Join the discussion on Twitter @shanesqueensite or via the social media platforms listed below…

Bookmark this page and check back regularly for details of next next rounds, so you can have your say on which Queen songs you like best !

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