We Will Rock You Show Review

We Will Rock You London – Show Review

We Will Rock You London has been on my list for many years. I have been to London a lot over the past 10 years, and every time I went to London either on business or leisure I always said I would go and see the Queen show, We Will Rock You at The Dominion Theatre London. But, I never got round to going until this August when visiting London on a brief weekend trip. 

You cannot miss the Dominion Theatre where We Will Rock You London s playing, as there is a large statue of Freddie in his classic pose a-top the entrance to the Dominion.  An amazing way to advertise the show.

Freddie Mercury on Dominion Theatre, We Will Rock You London

Originally when I heard that the Queen songs I loved had been turned into a musical I was very sceptical and even a bit “How can they do this”. So I didn’t know what to expect – but hundreds of thousands of people couldn’t be wrong about this award-winning show in its 12th year.

As I entered the Dominion, where We Will Rock You London is playing, I was met with a “Wall of Queen” – I was in Heaven. Freddie playing on the PA System, photos of Fred and the band on the walls. I spent almost 30 minutes walking and looking at these great photos. Everything from Freddie’s “Bonnie baby” photo to Live at Wembley. I got really caught up in this and the show hadn’t even started.

I even bought a Queen T-Shirt with the Classic Queen Logo. Plenty of Queen merchandise available to purchase!

Me (Shane) and Fred Statue - We Will Rock You London

(Above) Me and the statue of Freddie – (Below) the lobby with photos of Queen adorning the walls.

Queen and We Will Rock You London Shop with Artwork and Photos of Queen

There are plenty of Queen related photos and items to look at before the show starts, so get there early.

We went into the auditorium and got ready for the show. The Stage is amazing with a fantastic emblem of Queen on the front waiting for the show to start.

The Show Must Go On - Stage Shot - We Will Rock You London

The Show  … and what a show

The show started and from that point, I was hooked. We Will Rock You is a Queen fest of music wrapped around a good story and great characters. I just loved the 2 lead characters. The female lead is one of the best I have seen in any show. She has such character, such a “don’t mess with me” attitude and it really comes across. It is a wonder that that character has not been nominated for some sort of award (maybe she has?) … anyway, I am getting distracted.

The premise of the We Will Rock You is that it tells the story of a group of Bohemians who struggle to restore the free exchange of thoughts, expression through fashion, and of course live music. It is set in a distant future where everyone dresses, thinks and does the same (you can see some of this already in modern fabricated bands). Musical instruments and composers are forbidden, and rock music is all but unknown.

The show starts with the young people of earth being denied expression through live music but Galileo Figaro has different ideas. He hears stuff – he hears the music. On meeting Scaramouche or “Scary Bush” he finds someone who has similar ideas and between them, they try and find Brighton Rock … no spoiler alert here so don’t worry.

In the middle of the show, there are 2 very tender moments where Freddie is remembered, Only the Good Die Young and Days of Our Lives are sung and I challenge any person to keep a dry eye here as it is sung with such sincerity and feeling.  You may and try to keep things under control but the music is so powerful that you can’t help being affected by those songs.

By the time We Will Rock You and We Are the Champions come, you are on your feet, stomping , clapping and singing.

Followed up by a rousing rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody all in all it is like going to a Queen concert. It really is a Kind of Magic!

It is an excellent show – I really enjoyed it … 10 times better than I could have expected.
I will certainly go back and see it again.

The Freddie Mercury Suite

Freddie Mercury Suite at We Will Rock You London Dominion

Before I left the Dominion Theatre I spotted this sign for the “Freddie Mercury Suite” (with a picture of Freddie beside it) – I dropped down to the room but a member of staff said there was a private function using the room.

Maybe next time I will be able to report on this suite, as I’m sure it is a treat for any Queen fan to have their private function, perhaps Birthday, special event or even corporate event (see if you can convince the accounts department) at The Freddie Mercury suite.

Well done to the Dominion, the We Will Rock You London cast and the excellent live Band (by the way Spike if you ever need a keyboard player, like when you go on holiday, drop me a line!!) for making this such a well-rounded show.

Unfortunately, now, in 2019, the We Will Rock You show in London is no longer running, but it continues in other countries around the world. I have held this We Will Rock You review on this page for historical reasons, lets face it, if you see the show in any other location it will still be as good and as enjoyable.

Dominion Website: http://www.dominiontheatre.com/theatre/
Book tickets to We Will Rock You LondonClick Here

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Have you been to the show? What do you think? Who is your favourite character?
Drop a comment below …

Open Call Auditions for We Will Rock You US Tour

Are you a singer? Do you want to start in We Will Rock You, the Stageshow?

There are Open Call Auditions for the We Will Rock You US Tour.

Details for the auditions are as follows;

We Will Rock You 2013 Audition Tour

LOS ANGELES (week of April 15th)

NEW YORK CITY (week of April 22nd)

ORLANDO (week of April 29th)


Producers: Phil McIntyre, Queen Theatrical
Productions, and Tribeca Theatrical
Productions in association with NETworks
Music/Lyrics: Queen
Book: Ben Elton
Director: Ben Elton
Tour Director/Choreographer: Tracey Flye
Choreographer: Arlene Phillips
Musical Supervisors: Brian May & Roger Taylor, Mike Dixon, Jason Howland
Casting Director: Duncan Stewart/Benton
Whitley of Duncan Stewart and Company

Rehearsals begin: On/About 9/2/13
1st Performance: On/About 10/15/13

SUBMIT ELECTRONICALLY: DStewartCoAuditions@gmail.com



[KILLER QUEEN] Female, 30s-40s. Any race. Older woman. Ruler of the world, amazing rock/soul voice. Camp, sexy, voluptuous, feisty, funny, powerful and power crazy, ruthless, the BOSS. Every man’s dream of an older woman. Strong movement is an asset. VOCAL RANGE: FULL SOUL/ROCK VOICE, LOW E TO HIGH E BELT (BELOW MIDDLE C).

[KHASHOGGI] Male, 30s-40s. Any race. Chief of Secret Police. Attractive, sophisticated, intelligent, sinister, cruel, cold but charming. VOCAL RANGE: HIGH ROCK BARITONE TO A WITH STRONG FALSETTO.

[GALILEO] Male, 20s. Any race. Attractive, sexy, vulnerable, sensitive, doesn’t fit in, a rebel, restless, headstrong and stubborn. Tense. Lives on his nerves. On a mission to accomplish something with his life. Tries to find the right way to fulfill his dreams. VOCAL RANGE: HIGH ROCK VOICE TO Bb WITH STRONG FALSETTO.

[SCARAMOUCHE] Female, Late teens. Any race. A rebel. Deeply introverted and complex. A goth teenager. An awkward loner. A misfit. Uses her self deprecating wit to cover her sensitivity and vulnerability. Brittle, hard and bitter. Head strong and stubborn. Defensive. Must be able to transform and blossom as confidence grows. Good comedic skills required. VOCAL RANGE: ROCK BELT TO HIGH E.

[BRITNEY] Male, 20s-30s. Any race. Big gentle giant with a heart of gold. Strong, sexy, loveable, innocent, lots of energy, vibrant. Very street and very cool. Must be a good mover. VOCAL RANGE: FULL ROCK VOICE TO B ABOVE MIDDLE C.

[OZ] Female, 20s. Any race. Rock chick. Street sexy, womanly, tough, common, foul- mouthed, wild, worldly and experienced. Must be an excellent mover/strong dancer. VOCAL RANGE: STRONG ROCK BELT TO A HIGH E.

[POP] Male, 30s-40s. Any race. An aging hippie. Bar man, ex-rebel. A fun loving philosopher. A hippie stand up comic type. A cross between George Carlin and Robin Williams. He’s worldly with a natural curiosity and passion for life and music. Good rock voice and comic skills required. VOCAL RANGE: PLEASANT BARITONE TO E.

[TEACHER] Male and Female, 20s-30s. Any race. Excellent rock voice. Strong acting and comedic skills. Must be able to play camp, sexy, feisty, funny, powerful and ruthless. Highly likely this track will cover Galileo and/or Britney/Pop (for males) or Killer Queen and/or Oz (for females). Must be excellent dancers to strong movers as they perform ensemble choreography.

[MALE ENSEMBLE] Late teens-20s. Any race. Should have very strong rock voices and the ability and experience to cover. They must be able to handle dialogue. Must be excellent dancers, acrobatic skills are an asset.

[FEMALE ENSEMBLE] Late teens-20s. Any race. Should have very strong rock voices and the ability and experience to cover. They must be able to handle dialogue. Must be excellent dancers, acrobatic skills are an asset.



PLEASE SEND YOUR SUBMISSION TO DStewartCoAuditions@gmail.com



www.DStewartCo.com or Duncan Stewart and Company’s official Facebook Page

We Will Rock You Shortlisted in BBC Radio 2 Olivier Audience Awards

Thank you for voting for We Will Rock You in the first round of the BBC Radio 2 Olivier Audience Awards.

The fantastic news is that “We Will Rock You” has been shortlisted for the Olivier Awards along with Billy Elliot, Jersey Boys, and Les Miserables.

Please note that ALL the votes cast in the first round have been wiped so you now have a chance to vote for We Will Rock You in the Next Round.

We Will Rock You Shortlisted in BBC Radio 2 Olivier Audience Awards 2011

The winner of the BBC Radio 2 Olivier Audience Award will be presented with their Olivier statuette on the big night by Elaine Paige. You have until the 9th March to vote.

You can follow the Awards on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/OlivierAwards

Vote for We Will Rock You in the Olivier Awards

The first round of voting is now open in the Olivier Awards and we are asking you to Vote for We Will Rock You.

Vote for We Will Rock You to be shortlisted for this prestigious award.

The first round of voting closes on Wednesday 23rd February and only the top 4 shows will go through to the shortlist, so cast your vote now and make sure its We Will Rock You!!

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We Will Rock You Poster

Link: http://www.olivierawards.com/vote/

Brian May & Kerry Ellis – ANTHEMS: THE TOUR

Brian May and Kerry Ellis, one of the stars of the Queen musical ‘We Will Rock You’ are getting ready for “Anthems: The Tour”. Tickets go on sale on Friday at 9am.

“Anthems: The Tour” – Tour dates:

May 2011

3 – Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
5 – Gateshead Sage
6 – Sheffield City Hall
8 – Nottingham Royal Centre
9 – Birmingham Symphony Hall
11 – Edinburgh Festival Theatre
12 – Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
14 – Cardiff St. David’s Hall
16 – Manchester Bridgewater Hall
18 – Milton Keynes Theatre
19 – Southend Cliffs Pavilion
21 – Bath Forum

Anthems the Tour 2011

We Will Rock You coming to Dublin

The Queen smash hit musical ‘We Will Rock You’ is coming to the O2 in Dublin, in January 2010.

The O2 will host ‘We Will Rock You’ from 20th to 31st January. This will be after a UK tour of five cities; Birmingham, Manchester, Sunderland, Bristol and Edinburgh.
The tickets for Dublin’s ‘We Will Rock You’ tour are on sale now.

Queen’s Brian May announced the Dublin tour … “We are excited to be able, finally, to send a brand new top class We Will Rock You company to Ireland. We are completely hands on, and will be visiting! The Mother Ship, in the Dominion Theatre, London, will be rockin’ on all the while, keeping the home fires burning, until further notice!”

Personally I always wished I could audition for the Dublin band cast (maybe they use a CD now), being based in Ireland and also being able to play all of Queens songs … I might get along to some of these performances but good to see it coming to Ireland. Details are listed below.

We Will Rock You – Dublin 02

Wednesday 20th January – Sunday 31st January 2010
Performances: Wednesday – Saturday 7.30pm
Saturday 2.30pm
Sunday 2.00pm and 7.00pm.

Press Night: Wednesday 20th January

Ticket Price: €40.00 – €55.00

Telephone: 0818 719 300


OFFICIAL WEBSITE – www.wewillrockyou.co.uk