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Brian May apparently in talks for Bohemian Rhapsody Movie sequel

Brian May apparently in talks for Bohemian Rhapsody Movie sequel

According to recent media reports, Queen guitarist Brian May seems to be looking at a sequel to the Queen Biopic Bohemian Rhapsody.

Brian was quoted as having said, “there’s plenty more mileage in the band’s story“. Brian also hinted at the fact that he wants the same actors, including Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury, Gwilym Lee as Brian May, Ben Hardy as Roger Taylor, and Joe Mazzello as John Deacon, to reprise their roles in this sequel, calling the actors ‘phenomenal’ in their roles. Brian went on to say “It’s so tempting to do the sequel – it would be worth it just to work with those boys again.

So what would a Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Sequel look like?

The Bohemian Rhapsody Sequel would continue from where the first movie left off, that being the amazing success of Live Aid.

The following are 10 key Queen milestones which occurred after Live Aid;

  • The recording of the ‘Kind of Magic’ Album.
  • Freddie recording the Barcelona album with Monseratt Carballe
  • Some of Freddie’s other solo releases such as The Great Pretender
  • Freddie’s AIDs diagnosis
  • The recording of ‘The Miracle’ album in 1989.
  • Brian May’s Dads death and his marriage break-up.
  • The recording of the  last Queen album ‘Innuendo’
  • Freddie Mercury’s death
  • The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert
  • The recording of ‘Made in Heaven’ using Freddie’s vocals from 1991.

There are many other options for Bohemian Rhapsody 2   … but will it ever happen?

The Public Opinion

In a poll that I ran on Twitter last year, asking if people wanted to see a sequel to the Bohemian Rhapsody Movie, 83% of those who responded said No.

What do you think? Please leave a comment below and let us know what you think about Brian’s plans for a movie sequel to Bohemian Rhapsody.

If you wish to read more about this topic, please take a look at this post on the same topic from last year; Are Brian May & Roger Taylor planning a Sequel, Bohemian Rhapsody 2?


We Will Rock You Returns to London

We Will Rock You Returns to London

The We Will Rock You (London show) returns to the West End, 21 years after it first exploded onto the theatre scene in London, The now world-side smash show by Queen and Ben Elton returns to London in 2023 for a strictly limited 12-week run at the London Coliseum, St Martin’s Ln, London. The London Coliseum is the very same venue that saw Freddie Mercury’s Royal Ballet gala performance back in 1979.

The We Will Rock You musical features 24 of Queen’s greatest hits and has a really well-written script. I myself saw the We Will Rock You London show when it was back in the Dominion Theatre, which also saw the huge Freddie Mercury statue on top of the Dominion entrance. That statue was later commandeered by Roger and he placed it in his back garden – I wonder if Roger will give it back for this limited run. Apparently, Brian May and Roger Taylor are delighted that the We Will Rock you show will soon be returning and entertaining London fans once again.

Brian May said: “I’m thrilled we finally have this opportunity to put We Will Rock You back on stage in London, where it was born. The show’s original message of the fight to re-establish individuality in a dystopian corporate world is even more relevant now than when we began. It will be a completely new production that will burst onto the prestigious London Coliseum stage – but the story, the humour, and of course the Queen music, will hit you harder than ever. We WILL Rock You – again!!”

We Will Rock You was first premiered at London’s Dominion Theatre in 2002. Since then, ‘We Will Rock You’ London was seen by 6 million people over 4,600 performances during an amazing 12-year run. We Will Rock you became one of the most successful musicals in West End history and ended up achieving the status of the longest-runner at the Dominion Theatre by a margin of 9 years. The We Will Rock You Musical went on to play to a global audience of 20 million across 28 different countries.

‘We Will Rock You’ tells the story of a globalized future without musical instruments. A handful of rock rebels, the Bohemians, fight against the all-powerful Globalsoft company and its boss, the Killer Queen; they fight for freedom, individuality and the rebirth of the age of rock. Scaramouche and Galileo, two young outsiders, cannot come to terms with the bleak conformist reality. They join the Bohemians and embark on the search to find the unlimited power of freedom, love and rock!

‘We Will Rock You’ is produced by Phil McIntyre Live Ltd, Queen Theatrical Productions and Tribeca Theatrical Productions.

For more information on the We Will Rock you return to London visit the official website at or try their Twitter handle @WWRYMusical and Instagram at @WWRYMusical.

If you have any comments on the We Will Rock You return to London please leave them below.

One of the best shows I’ve seen in yonks. An evening of sheer entertainment and enjoyment
Daily Mirror

Face it Alone being released this week

Face it Alone being released this week

Face it Alone, an Unreleased Freddie Mercury Song is released on October 13th

Queen are releasing a new song featuring legendary frontman Freddie Mercury called “Face It Alone” later this week. The song itself has been called, “a little gem from Freddie … which we kind of forgotten about … wonderful … a real discover”. The song was actually recorded during the sessions from the album, The Miracle, released in 1989.

Originally the song was due for release in September and the date was pushed back to October 13th. Apparently, the first play of the song will be on Ken Bruce’s programme on BBC2 at 11:15am on Thursday 13th October.

Brian May added, “It was kind of hiding in plain sight. We looked at it many times and thought, ‘Oh no, we can’t really rescue that.’ But in fact, we went in there again and our wonderful engineering team went, ‘Okay, we can do this and this.’ It’s like kind of stitching bits together. Brian made a final comment stating that “it’s beautiful. It’s touching.”

At the moment Billboards can be seen around London displaying the song’s name and date. I have also seen shots from Japan with the title in Japanese – it seems Queen are very proud of this release. The Hashtag #FaceItAlone has been ranking very well amongst UK audiences on Instagram and Twitter.

The band has been really teasing the release of this new Queen single with a series of huge billboards all around the world with the text “Queen – Face It Alone” and it also includes a picture of Freddie Mercury in one of his iconic poses and a QR code. The signs first appeared in London and have since been spotted in countries such as Canada, Mexico, Japan, and many more.

The Track, Face it Alone will be released on Thursday 13th October at 11:15hrs BST / 6:15 ET / 3/15 PT … for those who have the initial listen, please leave a comment below on what you think of the track.

Face it Along - Queen Song released October 13th 2022
Face it Alone Billboards

Images on Queen’s Official Instagram account of the Billboards for Face It Alone from all around the globe…

Don’t forget to bookmark this site which has Queen News, Queen chords and my How to Play Queen Videos.

Queen, the Most Played Rock Band Around the World

Queen, the Most Played Rock Band Around the World

Queen, the Most Played Rock Band Around the World

A recent article by Martin Kielty wrote about how Queen are officially the Most Played Rock Band on Radio Around the World. Martin’s article used data analytics service Viberate to create the report. It also stated that Queen are the fourth most-played artist across all genres. So this means Rock and for that matter Queen are definitely resonating with a new generation of fans.

The analysis also looked at relevant music and social media channels, industry trends, audio streams, video streams, etc. According to the report, Rock is the 4th biggest genre on Spotify and the 2nd biggest genre on radio.

I personally think that this success is partly due to the excellent job that Queen do with things like social media, fan specials, Queen events such as the pop up shops. Plus, the interaction of band members Brian May and Roger Taylor on social media helps connect with new fans. Imagine what Freddie would think of this.

Over the past year I have even seen a 25% increase in website traffic, in particular around the Bohemian Rhapsody song/movie and also the area of Queen Tribute Bands. Queen are definitely in popular culture. The success of the Oscar Winning Bohemian Rhapsody movie, the Queen and Adam Lambert tours, The QueenPod and Recovering Queen podcasts and also some recent book publications, keeps Queen in constant view. The generation who grew up on Queen are now finding Streaming services and interacting with Queen on social media for themselves. Plus, new generations of music fans are finding the Queen back catalogue for themselves. Queen look like they will be around forever… There can be only One.

If you would like to read the amazing article in all its glory, please click the link below.
Queen Are Most-Played Rock Band on Radio Around the World by Kielty

New Queen Documentaries and Films Airing in November

New Queen Documentaries and Films Airing in November

There are new Queen documentaries and films airing about Freddie Mercury in November 2021.

Inside the Mind of Freddie Mercury – Netflix

The first of these new Queen documentaries is on Netflix there is ‘Inside the Mind’ which aims to get behind the mind and inside the thoughts of Freddie Mercury. I have just watched this documentary which is just under 70 minutes long. Psychologist Dr. Bob Johnson tries to get inside the mind of the Queen lead singer. The documentary is actually not bad, because there are a few clips which I hand’t seen before and from this standpoint it was interesting. I could have done without the psychology of it all, purely because Freddie is not here to defend himself to any of the analysis given in the documentary. I watched it purely from the point of view of archive footage and also to see what all the fuss was about. People like Peter Hince, former roadie for Queen is interviewed. There were a few points where details were not as detailed as they should have been, e.g. one commentary was “at 6pm on 13th July 1985” however the time was “6:41 pm” and all Queen fans would know that. It’s things like this wich i feel could have been more accurate.

If you have seen this documentary please do leave a comment with your thoughts.

Making Freddie Mercury: The Final Act – BBC2

A 90-minute film titled Freddie Mercury: The Final Act will be aired on BBC2 in late November documenting the journey leading up to the April 1992 Freddie Mercury tribute concert held for the former Queen frontman at Wembley Stadium. Freddie Mercury died on 24th November 1991 of bronchial pneumonia as complications resulting from AIDs at the aged 45.

This film is to be aired in late November, which is 30 years after the singer’s death. This new film features interviews with his former Queen bandmates Brian May and Roger Taylor, and also his sister Kashmira Bulsara, amongst others. The film starts the journey in 1986, when the band’s Magic Tour had its final performance at Knebworth Park in Hertfordshire.

In April 1992, musicians including Sir Elton John, Extreme, Axl Rose, The Who’s Roger Daltrey and many many more took to the stage at Wembley with Queen members John Deacon, Taylor and May to pay tribute to Mercury at a benefit concert for AIDs awareness and what the newly formed Mercury Phoenix Trust.

The film’s director James Rogan said: “Making Freddie Mercury: The Final Act has been an extraordinary journey into the final chapter of one of rock music’s greatest icons. Working with Queen and getting to see behind the scenes of some of their greatest performances and the legendary Freddie Mercury tribute concert was a rare privilege.

Jan Younghusband, head of BBC music TV commissioning, said: “James Rogan’s film: Freddie Mercury: The Final Act is a poignant story of one of music’s most popular and talented musicians, and the legacy he left.

“Not only does it shine new light on Freddie Mercury’s brave journey through those final five years of his life, it also tells a wider – and hugely important – story of the emergence of Aids at the time and how the incredible tribute concert after his death helped to change for the better public opinion about the crisis.

“The artists of Queen and others who were there speak candidly for the first time.”


If you have seen any of these new Queen documentaries please let me know what you think by adding a comment below.

The Best Song on the Queen II Album is Revealed

The Best Song on the Queen II Album is Revealed

What is The Best song on Queen II

The Best Song on the Queen II Album is Revealed after 1,998 votes were cast in the Queen II Champions of Queen League.

Since late November 2020 I have been running the Queen II Champions of Queen League, with the goal of finding out what the public think is the best song on Queen’s second album. In total 1,998 votes were cast between the Shane’s Queen Site website and the associated Twitter Account @shanesqueensite.

Because there were 11 songs on the album, an odd number, one song in each round got a ‘bye’ and was not included in that rounds polls.

The content on the album is so strong that it was hard to sometimes decide which was the better song. How can you decide between Ogre Battle and White Queen or Fairyfellers Master Stroke and Seven Seas of Rhye? The voting public really wanted to share their views, considering the Queen I vote got 1,451 votes the voting strength was very much increased in this round.

The final Champions of Queen League is shown below as is the review video on my Shane’s Queen Site YouTube Channel.


Please Join in with the Sheer Heart Attack polls which will run from the 15th February via the website and Twitter – Click here to visit the main Champions of Queen League page

Queen II - Best song on Queen II Album

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The QueenPod – Queen Podcast

The QueenPod – Queen Podcast

Have you found QueenPod yet?

The QueenPod is the Ultimate Queen Podcast. If you want to listen to something that’s all about Queen and thats good QueenPod is it!

For years I have searched iTunes for a decent Queen podcast. There was a 3 part series which I found once on it but the audio was not available for some reason, I’m presuming they didn’t keep it up.

But I recently saw this on Twitter – QueenPod  ; described as follows, “The Queen Podcast is your official one-stop shop for everything related to the world’s greatest rock band.” That was enough to have me listening to the Trailer Episode “Episode 0” and I was hooked. It is so well put together and with interesting debate, thoughts, facts and tit-bits on everything Queen. Also whereever there is a swear word listen out for Freddie’s AyOh 🙂

The QueenPod is the brainchild of Queen archivist and documentarian Simon Lupton. Simon is joined on the QueenPod podcast by comedians and Queen superfans John (Meadows) Robins and Sooz (Faroukh) Kempner and is hosted by Rohan (Harold) Acharya. The Queen pod brings listeners through through all of the Queen albums, track by track. There is even some exclusive content which I have never even heard.

It’s not just a one way podcast, the Queen pod asks for submissions from Queen Fans so you can also submit your Queen related stories, facts or questions which may even be featured on the show.

I cannot recommend the QueenPod (Queen Podcast0 enough. I am after listening to 3 of them now and I just can’t stop myself. They are expertly recorded with very good sound quality and questions which I jave often wondered about are answered.

e.g. Who was the first living person apart from the Queen (monarch) to appear on an English Stamp? Who is the deep voice near the end on Modern Times Rock ‘n’ Roll? Which 13th century poem is used in lines from one of the songs on Queen’s first album? … All these will be answered on the Queenpod.

The first 3 Queen Albums, plus some special podcasts with Tim Staffell and also reviewing the #1 selling Album Queen and Adam Lambert, Live around the World 

The Queen Pod Podcast is available on iTunes Podcast system and also on Acast at

Irish Tribute Band Qween cover Let Me Live with International Cast

Irish Tribute Band Qween cover Let Me Live with International Cast

Last week, Irish Queen Tribute Band ‘Qween’ Released an Epic Cover and Film Production of the Queen Song ‘Let me Live’ from the album Made in Heaven, which included a Cast From 16 Countries.

Lockdown was hard enough without all our live gigs being axed, so Queen tribute Qween decided to cover a lockdown version of ‘Let Me Live’. Instead of just shooting a boxed version of a video (just like everyone else did during lockdown) they decided to go all out and do a full film production. On top of that, they decided to include performances from fans and musicians in from 16 countries. This was a bold statement that ‘even though live music is on hold, musicians (including Qween) are still here to entertain you‘.   The track and accompanying music video was entirely home made with the help of contributors working on music and film footage from home.

“Queen united the world in song and this is our attempt to do the same. We’ve been blessed with contributions from across the planet. Musicians working to simply say we’re ready to entertain when you can”… “It’s not for us as musicians to offer any scientific or political comment on the current situation. We’re solely entertainers and our only message here is to keep safe, follow the guidelines and we’ll be back to get you dancing again when it’s safe”

Thomas Brunkard

Qween Guitarist

There have been many artists and groups who have done these lockdown videos, Brian May himself did a few on his own and also in collaboration with Roger Taylor and Adam Lambert, but non have done such a superb job of creating something truly flamboyant … deserving of being a Queen video. As Freddie said, “You can do anything with my legacy, but never make me boring.” This video is anything but boring and inlcudes a dash of humour, a not to past events such as Brian May on the roof of Buckingham Palace and also clips of guest contributors singing and playing … you might even spot me guesting on Hammond Organ, and I was delighted to do so.


I myself am involved in a few musical bands / musical projects and from the first moments in March we knew that liver performances would be hit – I don’t think anyone thought it would be so long before we could even think of returning to doing what we love … playing live.  So it this video comes at a good time to remind us that the Arts has been one thing which has got many thorough the pandemic.


Well done to Qween and all involved in a wonderful result


The Qween music video of ‘Let Me Live’ can be viewed online here: or my clicking the video below.


Watch ‘Let me Live’ by Qween


Visit Qween Tribute Band online

Visit the website for details of the band, their latest news and social media links.

New Queen Documentaries and Films Airing in November

What is Queen’s Top Voted Song of 2018?

A Top Queen Songs Poll was run on this site over the past 12 months. Website visitors were asked to pick from a short list in 6 groups, the top 3 songs from each group then qualified for a final round of voting to determine what is Queen’s Top Voted Song of 2018?

Overall there were over 1,000 votes cast in this Top Queen Song poll. The IP addresses and cookies limited the possibility of people voting twice. Therefore, I believe that this result stands up in light of what Queen songs visitors to this website prefer. There were over 190 songs I could have chosen for the initial shortlist but I used the results of the 2008 poll, which included this long-list, to prune the initial group stage down to about 50 songs, the final group had about 20.

The results of the Top Queen Songs Poll 2018

So what is the Top Queen song? Well in reverse order the Top 10 Queen songs as voted by visitors to Shane’s Queen Site are as follows;

5. Innuendo (Innuendo)

4. Love of My Life (A Night at the Opera)

3. The Show Must Go On (Innuendo)

2. Somebody To Love (A Day at the Races)

1. Bohemian Rhapsody (A Night at the Opera)

Not surprisingly Bohemian Rhapsody tops the Top Queen Songs Poll with 15% of the Final Poll vote. This is in line with every previous Top Queen Songs poll which has run on this site since 2006. 60% of the songs were from the 1970s which may show that people tend to enjoy the rock and grandeur of the earlier albums.

Ths Top Queen Songs Poll will be reset in mid-January for 2019 with a new format which will hopefully shed more light on which Queen songs the public like. Don’t forget to bookmark this site and revisit soon to vote in the new Queen poll.

We also have the Champions of Queen League on the site (as of October 2020) so please vote in that set of polls as this will dictate the Best Queen Song for sure!

The final poll results are shown below with the percentages of the Top 10.

The Queen Polls have now been reset for 2020 and I hoep to announce the winning songs later in the year – If you have not voted in these polls please visit the Polls section in the top menu of Shane’s Queen Site…

Bohemian Rhapsody the Movie Rocks it’s way to Number 1

Bohemian Rhapsody the Movie Rocks it’s way to Number 1

Bohemian Rhapsody the Movie Rocks it’s way to Number 1 on the Movie Charts in the UK

The Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody has rocked it’s way to the number 1 spot at the UK box office. The Queen movie ousted the other music film A Star Is Born.

The Bohemian Rhapsody movie opened last week to mixed reviews, with Queen fans loving it and some reviewers and journalists stating that it lacked elements of Freddie’s life which resulted in a whitewashed result. Personally I think the movie was amazing, and as a Queen fan I personally think it delivered what we wanted and more. As I stated in my Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Review, it was overseen by Brian and Roger and therefore it should reflect a truer version of events than if someone else made it.

Bohemian Rhapsody the Movie opened in the UK and has grossed almost £10m in takings so far. It is sure to break the current biopic record which was Walk the Line, the Johnny Cash movie, which was just under £10.5m.

The Overall Chart shows that Bohemian Rhapsody earned more in one week than Halloween (3rd in the chart) did in 2 weeks and Smallfoot (4th in the chart) did in 3 weeks. Some of the films which are in the charts, such as First Man which only earned £6.5m in 3 weeks, shows how well the Bohemian Rhapsody Movie did in order to come straight in at Number 1 in the Box Office Charts.

Bohemian Rhapsody the Movie

Queen Resurgent due to Bohemian Rhapsody Movie

Since Bohemian Rhapsody the Movie opened in UK cinemas, there has been a huge interest in all things Queen. The Bohemian Rhapsody Original Soundtrack is available in stores and online for download and this has boosted the Queen back catalogue. Remember, the film will open in the USA on 2nd November so more Queen related buzz to come once that happens.

Check the Music Charts and you will see that Queen are certainly riding the crest of the musical wave due to the millions of fans, new fans and non fans (who will soon convert to the Queen side) who are going to see the Bohemian Rhapsody Movie.


Queen in the Music Charts because of Bohemian Rhapsody the Movie

If you have not yet seen the Bohemian Rhapsody movie then you really should, it is an excellent film and value for your money. You can check my Bohemian Rhapsody Review and don’t forget to leave a rating for the movie if you have seen it.

Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Review, Queen BioPic : Movie Review

Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Review, Queen BioPic : Movie Review

Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Review

After much anticipation and waiting, I eventually got to see the Queen movie Bohemian Rhapsody. My NO SPOILERS Bohemian Rhapsody Movie review is below.

This has been a film I have been waiting to see for over 8 years. In 2010 Brian May hinted that they would be doing a biopic about Queen. It is now here, as Bohemian Rhapsody.

At the cinema where I went to see it, there were people in their 60s, there was a mum and her your 10 year old daughter, there were a group of young boys no older than 12 who came unaccompanied…. basically, Bohemian Rhapsody is attracting an audience of established Queen fans and people who are only now discovering the music of the band we know and love.

Bohemian Rhapsody is a story of Queen… 4 misfits playing for other misfits who feel they don’t belong, the band who played for the outcasts at the back of the room. The movie portrays Love, Tragedy, Joy … and something the people feels belongs to them.

There are going to be no spoilers here until the film is more widely seen as I am aware many Queen fans don’t want the Magic of the movie ruined before everyone has a chance to see it. For now I will describe what I liked about the film.

My Review

The film opens with Freddie walking out onto the stage at Live Aid. The story then goes back to Smile and how Freddie became a singer with Brian and Roger. Now there is a bit of licence taken here, a few things skipped over in the Queen chronology but it works. Even Rami Malek who plays Freddie Mercury admitted that there was some artistic license taken with timelines.

You then see Queen perform songs like Seven Seas of Rhye in the studio. They are playing around with the now famous Queen sound. “We need to get experimental” says Brian.

As the band becomes more famous we see them on Top of the Pops with Killer Queen. Amazingly the recreation of Killer Queen is so exact I had goosebumps. Eventually you see Queen on tour in the USA.

Since this is the Bohemian Rhapsody Movie it would be expected that we spend a good 30 minutes on the recording of this iconic song. It is a very funny section with Roger asking “how many more Gallelios do you want?” and saying “if I go any higher only dogs will hear me”. I’m always looking at musicians to see if they are actually playing the instruments but Rami seems to have been taught which keys to press for Bohemian Rhapsody. The B flat section was correct followed by the Gm etc. So top marks for accuracy to detail.

The USA tours section was well done but I felt the tacky graphics with the town names took a small bit from the overall feeling of the movie. It is only a small thing but they could have done the same thing with road signs , eg. Welcome to Arkansas etc.

I did note that We will Rock you was listed as 1980 on the timeline and Freddie had a moustache which he didn’t have at the time of recording. Again, it’s not a documentary. Brian was recently quoted as saying about the movie that  “it’s a tapestry” so it allows for artistic license.

The Hot Space part of the movie shows cracks and the movie shows more of Freddie’s personal life. There is a bit of time spent in Munich as Freddie records his solo projects.For me this was a bit harder to work as you see Queen starting to rift apart with some influence from Paul Prender. I’m not going to say much more for fear of saying too much about the movie.

Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Review – The Live Aid Sequence

What I will say is that the the Live Aid reconstruction is phenomenal. You get to experience Live Aid almost for real. The camera work is amazing. The band performance is excellent and the emotions run high. I had lumps in the throat and my eyes glassed up with a teary ‘oh my god’ feeling. It is amazing. For me this is The Best Time Travel Experience Ever ! We all have seen the footage of Freddie and Co on stage at Live Aid but to be up there with them is mind blowing.

The casting of Brian May and Freddie Mercury is exactly as you would have expected. Infact, the movie version Brian could be Brian gone back in time, if it was possible. I also think at certain points Rami has become Freddie. Great performance for Rami and co. Lots of nods to familiar things in Queen history.

Overall it’s a fantastic film and a must for every Queen fan. I felt it dropped a small bit in the middle when Freddie ran his house parties but again, it’s part of the actual story of his life. I am not going to give a percentage rating, as every person will get something different from the film. For me it was the musical performances, the humour and seeing the family of Brian, Freddie, Roger and John form and grow Queen.

I hope you enjoyed my Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Review and if you have seen it please leave a ‘non spoiler’ comment below and don’t forget to leave your overall rating for Bohemian Rhapsody the Movie.

The Bohemian Rhapsody Trailer is below if you want to wet your appetite (if you have not yet seen it).

The Bohemian Rhapsody Soundtrack is also available on download, Spotify, vinyl, CD and also a very retro cassette.

Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Review – Official Trailer

Leave Your Review – Rate the Movie Bohemian Rhapsody


What is your rating for Bohemian Rhapsody the Movie?

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Lets make “These are the Days of our Lives’ the Christmas No. 1

Lets make “These are the Days of our Lives’ the Christmas No. 1

Did you know it is 25 years since the song These are the Days of our Lives was released in the USA on 5th September 1991 – Freddie’s last Birthday as he died only a few weeks later. It was then released as a double A side single on 9th December after Freddie’s death and Bohemian Rhapsody became the first song in history to claim the Christmas number one slot twice (with the same version … Live Aid did it with 2 different recordings). So maybe this year it will be Christmas No. 1.

This year marks 25 years of this great song, 25 years since Freddie’s death and if he was still with us, he would be 70


These are the Days of our Lives – Official Video

Poll – What do you think?


Will you download These are the Days of Our Lives in order to get it to Christmas Number 1?

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Top 25 Queen Songs as Voted by you in 2011

Top 25 Queen Songs as Voted by you in 2011

Top 25 Queen Songs 2011 as Voted by You

On Shane’s Queen Site I have been running a poll to find your favourite Queen song. This poll has been running since 2005 and this year’s results are in. These are the Top 25 Queen Songs 2011 as voted but the visitors to this website. 

There are few surprises in that Bohemian Rhapsody is the Number 1 song again this year with Somebody to Love and Don’t Stop me now in 2nd and 3rd place. The poll was conducted from Jan 1st 2011 to Dec 31st 2011 with 200 Queen songs in the list.

The full result of the Top 25 Queen Songs Poll are as follows;

# Song Votes %
1 Bohemian Rhapsody 10.30%
2 Somebody To Love 3.45%
3 Don’t Stop Me Now 3.42%
4 The Show Must Go On 3.01%
5 We Are The Champions 2.94%
6 Another One Bites The Dust 2.91%
7 Love Of My Life 2.53%
8 Innuendo 2.49%
9 A Kind Of Magic 2.39%
10 Nevermore 2.15%
11 Crazy Little Thing Called Love 2.08%
12 39 2.05%
13 March Of The Black Queen, The 2.01%
14 Killer Queen 1.84%
15 We Will Rock You 1.74%
16 Who Wants To Live Forever 1.61%
17 Under Pressure 1.44%
18 I Want to Break Free 1.37%
19 Fat Bottomed Girls 1.33%
20 Tie Your Mother Down 1.31%
21 Radio Ga-Ga 1.26%
22 Seven Seas Of Rhye… 1.25%
23 Death On Two Legs 1.09%
24 Hammer to Fall 1.09%
25 A Winter’s Tale 1.06%

I will be making a slight change to the Top Queen Song voting system this year which will run from Feb – Nov 2012 and a final vote in December 2012.

Bohemian Rhapsody Cover - Best Queen Song Voted 2011

23 Queen songs in 9 minutes – Video

Gregg M has compiled a live Queen medley/mash-up to celebrate the life and loss of Freddie Mercury.

This Queen Mash-up is titled ’23 songs in 9 minutes’, it was seen as a fun way to remember or discover songs from the Queen repertoire interpreted by an acoustic duet. The full Queen Mashup video is available below.

The History of the “23 Queen songs in 9 minutes” Mashup

The history of the mash up is very interesting, Gregg was invited as a guest in a ‘Queen evening’ and felt that a simple cover version was not the way to go. Therefore he decided to create something new and challenging, in order to entertain the audience, Gregg says it was “Like a Human Jukebox, actually …. It took a while for me  to figure out how to begin the monster and I worked it bit by bit. I separated it in several parts, each including 4 or more songs and then put the pieces together, just like a giant musical jigsaw puzzle. Two days later, and something like 20 hours of musical work of writing, rehearsing and demoing, I sent a draft to my singer (who’s with me in my band, The Sunchase, as well as my ‘twisted covers concept’, the Guest-Sessions) and we rehearsed it bits by bits some days later. We decided it would be more fun if we did not have any chart on stage so we worked really hard to remember everything and went onstage at ‘Le Zèbre’ in Paris the week after that.”
I hope you enjoy the Queen Mashup!

The Video – 23 Queen Songs in 9 Minutes

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Ryan Cregan – No One But You (Charity Single)

Ryan Cregan – No One But You (Charity Single)

Ryan Cregan is a 15-year-Old Singer from Blackpool, Lancashire, England and he has recently covered “No One But You (Only the Good Die Young)”.

This single is due for release on November 18th – with the anniversary of Freddie’s untimely death only a few days later on 24th November. 

The single is as a tribute to Queen and Freddie Mercury, the man was a legend and probably one of the best performers to have ever walked the Planet and who acted as a huge inspiration to Ryan.

The Charity Single will be released on the 18th November with Money Raised going to Children In Need.

Please support this worthy cause and a great single.
Visit Ryans website at for more information

No One But You (Only the Good Die Young)


Update: In 2018 I checked the domain for the official Ryan Cregan website but the content was unavailable.
I will leave this page on Ryan Cregan for historical reference but if you find details about this site please email me and I will update the page in retrospect.

St Pauls Gallery offering 10% Fan Discount on Queen Prints

St Pauls Gallery offering 10% Fan Discount on Queen Prints

St Pauls Gallery is the World’s leading retailer in licenced and signed music related fine art. We have to date worked with bands including Queen, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie and many more.  They currently have a limited edition print of “News Of The World” Signed by Brian May and Roger Taylor by artist Frank Kelly Freas.

Exclusive Discount Code

St. Pauls Gallery would like to offer Queen fans and visitors to Shane’s Queen Site a 10% discount off the cost of a print if you wish to purchase a copy of one of these amazing limited edition Queen prints. With only 195 produced Worldwide signed by Brian May and Roger Taylor, they are sure to be of interest to Queen fans all over the world.

There is also a Queen Fine Art “Jazz” Print also signed by Roger Taylor and Brian May.

For the Fine Art Jazz, Print See this Link:

There is an Exclusive discount code if you wish to purchase a print – simply enter the following codes into the discount box at check out on the St. Pauls Gallery website site and you will get an Exclusive Shane’s Queen Site discount of 10% off the normal purchase price.
I have included part of a print as a sample below – kindly submitted by Gemma from the St. Pauls Gallery.
The code for News Of The World is     MKEOJ165
The code for Fine Art Jazz Print is      ECWHC164
Sample Queen News of the World Print
Queen - News of the World , 1977 Queen Album

Create a New “Sheer Heart Attack” Queen Video

Create a New “Sheer Heart Attack” Queen Video

Create a New Sheer Heart Attack Queen Video

To celebrate the Queen 40th anniversary you are invited to create an original music video for the 1977 classic-rock hit ‘Sheer Heart Attack’  from the News of the World album. The winner will have their piece of video work used as a music video and featured across Queen’s social media channels. This is no mean feat as it will be the first original Queen video since ‘Under Pressure’ in 1999.

The videos must be fresh, innovative, iconic as well as being consistent in quality of editing from both a music and visual aspect. The new videos must also have a balanced inclusion of all the band members.

There are going to be 2 judging rounds:

Round 1: Submit a reel showcasing your video which must feature original content for the chance to be selected as a finalist to go and participate in Round 2.

Round 2: The selected finalists will be provided with the video from the Queen performance from ‘Queen on Fire Live at the Bowl’ of ‘Sheer Heart Attack’ to use as desired. You can if you wish use your own totally original piece if you wish.

What you can win if you make a New Sheer Heart Attack Queen Video

Prizes : Prizes include $1,500 along with a Queen gift pack including ‘Second Five Albums’*, ‘Deep Cuts Volume 2’ and an exclusive ‘Live at Wembley’ Fan Flight Case for the winner. Runners-up prizes include a Queen gift pack including ‘Second Five Albums’,  ‘Deep Cuts Volume 2’  and a special ‘Live at Wembley’ Deluxe DVD. The 10 highest voted video  submissions from Round 2 will be featured the Queen Facebook page, each receive $150 and a signed copy of  the ‘News of the World’  Deluxe CD.

If you have created a new video please let us know , especially if you have uploaded the video to your YouTube channel. Best of lusk with this new project fro Queen.

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Queen Unseen, by Queen’s longest serving roadie Peter ‘Ratty” Hince

Queen Unseen, by Queen’s longest serving roadie Peter ‘Ratty” Hince

Queen Unseen, a personal memoir by Queen’s longest-serving roadie Peter ‘Ratty” Hince will be published in October 2011.

“Queen Unseen is a unique account of the many exciting years as a young man I spent on tour, in the recording studio, on video shoots and day to day life at home with one of the world’s biggest and best ever rock bands.

It is an insightful, enlightening and mostly humorous account for anybody who has ever wondered what working for Queen, or indeed most rock bands of that era really entailed….. the highs and the lows.

It is not a chronological history or definitive biography of the band, but a personal story of what it was like to spend your youth travelling the world and living the rock and roll lifestyle – to the full!

There will be NO lurid details of the band’s private lives. There is plenty of sex and drugs and rock and roll – and of course, everybody knows it happened…

I make observations and comments about all the fantastic places we visited and played, and what living what at times, was a crazy and surreal existence.

The book covers all the areas that were relevant in Queen’s working life, during my time as Queen’s longest-serving roadie and head of their crew.

There is lots of new material and surprises for Queen fans and it is a book to interest anybody who likes stories of rock and roll life in the 1970s & 1980s.

There will be photo sections in the book that contain colour and black & white images from my successful Queen The Unseen Archive show that was exhibited in London and Australia recently.

There will be additional rare and unseen photos and other images items of interest.”

To order a signed copy of Queen Unseen, which will be published in October 2011, for £17.99
Please contact John Blake Publishing Ltd with your name, address and contact number on 020 7381 0666 (mon-fri) or email

UK P&P is free – overseas P&P £3.00.

The book will also be available from shops and online via Amazon etc – Click here to read a book review of Queen Unseen by Peter Hince

Click Here to Buy Queen Unseen