Brian May, Back to the Light, Reissue now on Pre-Order

Brian May, Back to the Light, Reissue now on Pre-Order

Brian May, ‘Back To The Light’ Rerelease available to Pre-Order Now

If you love the 1992 Brian May album Back to the Light, you have more options to love it with this Remastered Reissue  

Back to the Light reissue will be Released August 6 on the following formats ;  CD, Vinyl, Picture Disc Vinyl, Cassette, Digital Download & Streaming Formats

The Back to the Light re-issue is available to Pre-order Now:

Brian may opsted on his Instagram feed a very non-cryptic teaser about the new album re-issue, saying “Anybody fancy a season of BM re-releases with lots of juicy extras? …. We’re working on a plan!”

It has been almost 30 years since Back to the Light was released. It remains one of my favourite albums and in my view it has sttod the test of time. It was a great success for Brian as it reached number 6 in the charts on it’s initial release. One of the songs from the album even made an appearance at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert when Brian played Too Much Love will Kill You.

Back to the Light has some fantastic songs and some have even made their way into the Queen Set List, for example Last Horizon. Some fantastic performances from the late great Cozy Powell on percussion is also a feature of the album. Brian even won an Ivor Novello award for ‘Too Much Love Will Kill You’ winning the award for Best Song Musically and Lyrically. If you were around in the early 90’s you probably even remember the Ford motor company using a version of  ‘Driven by You’ or their adverts.

It is a very poignant album as Brian wrote it between 1998 and 1992 during which time he lost his dad, Freddie and also separated from his first wife.

What’s new on this Reissue? 

The reissue of the Back to the Light album will be available as a Collector’s Edition box set featuring an exclusive white-vinyl LP,  a 32-page book, a 12” art print, two CDs, a download card and an enamel badge set and presented in a beautiful lift-lid box. A 1,000 only limited-edition of the same box-set is available exclusively on Queen Online Store with a Brian May signed 12” art print.

Back to the Light will also be released on vinly, CD, as a Deluxe 2 x CD set, on retro Cassette and the long awaited digital and streaming formats. There is a bonus called Out of the Light available in the box set, and on the 2 CD and digital formats. A limited-edition 1 x LP Picture Disc will also be available exclusively on Queen Online Store.  … At the time of writing this some of these had sold out within the hour !

Brian has actually rewritten the album’s sleeve notes to include lovely a tribute to the late, great Cozy Powell. So lots of nice touches to show this is more than just a re-release.


Back to the Light reissue, Track Listings


1. The Dark (May)

2. Back To The Light (May)

3. Love Token (May)

4. Resurrection (Words: May. Music: May, Powell, Page)

5. Too Much Love Will Kill You (May, Musker, Lamers)

6. Driven By You (May)

7. Nothin’ But Blue (Words: May. Music: May, Powell)

8. I’m Scared (May)

9. Last Horizon (May)

10. Let Your Heart Rule Your Head (May)

11. Just One Life (May)

12. Rollin’ Over (May)



1. Nothin’ But Blue – Guitar Version (May, Powell, Makin, Nicholls)

2. Too Much Love Will Kill You – Guitar Version (May, Musker, Lamers)

3. Just One Life – Guitar Version (May)

4. Driven By You Two (May)

5. Driven By You – Ford Ad Version (May)

6. Tie Your Mother Down (Featuring Slash) (May) Live on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, 5th April 1993

7. Too Much Love Will Kill You (May) Live at the Palace Theatre, Los Angeles, 6th April 1993

8. ’39 / Let Your Heart Rule Your Head (May) Live at the Brixton Academy, 15th June 1993

9.  Last Horizon (May) Live at the Brixton Academy, 15th June 1993

10. We Will Rock You (May) Live at the Brixton Academy 15 June 1993

11. Driven By You – Cozy and Neil Version ’93 (May)

So, What do you think?   Will you be buying the Back to the Light reissue? Personally I am very tempted to get the 2 CD set, my only issue is that I don’t use my CD player and the streaming / download might be the option I will go for. If you have comments or a favourite track from this album please leave a comment below.


Brian May could doing a 2021 reissue of his solo albums

Brian May could doing a 2021 reissue of his solo albums

Back to the Light

Could Brian May be reissuing his solo albums in 2021? Perhaps so …

In recent days if you have been watching his Instagram account, Brian May has made a few hints at something he is working on. On his Instagram page he mentioned that a possible Brian May reissue of his solo albums might actaully by re-released in the New Year, much to the delight of the 2.6 Million Instagram followers of @brianmayforreal.

On September 28th 1992 Brian released his first solo album “Back to the Light” and on June 1st 1998 his second album “Another World” was released. I say his first solo alnum but I am not including his collaborations on the “Starfleet” project back in 1983 featuring the guitar extravagance of one Eddie Van Halen.

If you are on Spotify or Apple Music you will know that both Back to the Light and Another World are not actually available on those streaming services. So there is real hope that Brial will be releasing a re-mastered series of works which perhaps some extras such as new tracks or even some of this unfinished demos. Artists such as Devin Townsend regularly release the actual album on CD1 and on CD2 there is a bonus disk sometimes labeled as ‘Demos’ – so perhaps Brian might do the same?

Personally, I actually have both albums on CD so if there is a re-release I will wait and see what is included. Certainly I will be happy if any new Brian May re-issued material makes an appearance on Spotify. The re-master of songs like Too Much Love will Kill you or Resurrection would be a highlight for me.

What do you think of a possible Brian May Reissue? Please let us know in the comments. 
Will Brian May rerelease his albums or is it something new or something more Queen related?
Hopefully 2021 will be a better year and no way better to celebrate a new year than with some Queen / Brian May related new material…


Brian May could doing a 2021 reissue of his solo albums

Happy Birthday Brian May – Wish Brian May a Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Brian May – Wish Brian May a Happy Birthday

Brian May was born on 19th July 1947 and today is the Red Special axe wielding guvnor’s very special 70th Birthday.  (Hard to believe). I would just like to say Happy Birthday Brian May and we wish you all the best today!  We all wish him a very Happy Birthday.

Feel free to leave your Happy Birthday for Brian comment below.

I hope to share the links and comments to Brian later….

Happy Birthday Brian May

Brian Harold May

Brian Harold May was born on 19th of July 1947 in Hampton, Middlesex, in the UK. Brian attended primary school in Feltham during which time he showed an interest in music and his parents registered him for piano lessons, which Brian actually hated. When Brian was six years old he started learning to play the ukulele. Brian got very good very quickly and soon he wanted a guitar. A Spanish guitar was given to him as a birthday present, but it was too big for him, so he went and modified it. With his newly built guitar Brian was listening to, and accompanying records which he played. He quickly moved from playing chords to more advanced details.As the time went on and as he played the existing guitar he discovered, that his guitar wasn’t good enough to play music he liked.

Read the Full Brian May Biog / Article Here

Brian May & Kerry Ellis – ANTHEMS: THE TOUR

Brian May and Kerry Ellis, one of the stars of the Queen musical ‘We Will Rock You’ are getting ready for “Anthems: The Tour”. Tickets go on sale on Friday at 9am.

“Anthems: The Tour” – Tour dates:

May 2011

3 – Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
5 – Gateshead Sage
6 – Sheffield City Hall
8 – Nottingham Royal Centre
9 – Birmingham Symphony Hall
11 – Edinburgh Festival Theatre
12 – Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
14 – Cardiff St. David’s Hall
16 – Manchester Bridgewater Hall
18 – Milton Keynes Theatre
19 – Southend Cliffs Pavilion
21 – Bath Forum

Anthems the Tour 2011

Brian May Launches the Save Me Campaign against Bloodsports

In the up coming election in the UK , Brian may is asking you to use your vote to ensure that the present laws protecting animals from cruelty are kept in place, that the bloodsport laws are more carefully monitored and legally tightened up, and fully enforced.

The “Save Me” campaign is a group, founded by Brian May, who believe that every creature deserves a decent life and a decent death. “Save Me” is not a charity, and not affiliated to any political party but supporting any political candidate who serves the needs and rights of animals.

The “Save Me” campaign believes that there is a grave danger that Britain will soon revert to the barbaric past, when it was legal to hunt down our wildlife with dogs. The current Tory party leadership has vowed, if they win this coming election, to try to repeal the Hunting Act – a law which it took animal-lovers 80 years, and 700 hours of parliamentary debate to bring into effect, by democratic process, in accordance with the will of at least 75 per cent of the population.

IF this barbaric hunting law is repealed, it would become legal to hunt to the death, with packs of dogs, not only foxes, but stags, hares, and other wild creatures in Britain’s countryside.

The British public needs to be clearly told the truth – that is where this campaign comes in.

History behind the “Save Me” Campaign
Founding member of rock band Queen, Brian May, visited Keynsham and Midsomer Norton on Saturday, 24th April where he publicly showed his support for Dan Norris’s campaign to be elected as North East Somerset MP – the anti-hunt campaigner Labour man faces an extremely close battle to win the ultra-marginal constituency against hunt-supporting Tory candidate Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Brian May last week launched his major new campaign to try to prevent the return of legalised blood sports to the British Countryside.

The ‘SAVE-ME’ campaign – named after Brian May’s song, a world-wide hit record for Queen on the album “the Game” – calls on the British public to consider how their vote will affect the welfare of animals; and in particular fox-hunting, stag hunting and hare-coursing. Hunting is no game !

The campaign is non-aligned politically, but is a direct response to the announcement from David Cameron that if the Tories are elected they will, in the first month of their term, introduce a free vote in the House to repeal the Hunting Act, 2004, which made it illegal to hunt wild animals using dogs.

Join the Facebook Group at

Brian May upset over Queen “Don’t Stop Me Now” in pro-hunting video

Brian May is fuming over the use of Don’t Stop Me Now in a pro-hunting campaign in Britain.

Don’t Stop Me Now can be heard over the video promoting hare coursing, allegedly compiled by a member of the Countryside Alliance (CA). The Countryside Alliance is a group pushing for a ban against blood sports to be lifted.

The guitarist has decided to share the video with friends and fans – in the hope it will deter people who might vote for Conservative party leader David Cameron in the upcoming elections to be held on May 6th – after the politician said he would let Members of Parliament decide whether the ban should be overturned.

Brian May said, “Maybe there is a better idea. (I want to show it to) anyone who seems to think it would be cool to repeal the Hunting Act… Perhaps it’s worth seeing, to be clear just how low these people can stoop… I have a feeling that, given enough rope, these bloodthirsty varmints will hang themselves.”

Source Yahoo

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