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The Best Song on the Queen II Album

The Champions of Queen League is a online vote based league system designed to determine once and for all the publics favourite Queen songs.

On this occasion we were looking to find the Best song on the Album Queen II, released in 1973. The polls for the Queen II album were cast on with alternate rounds here on the website and also on my @shanesqueensite Twitter account with the hashtag #ShanesQueenLeague . The votes were combined for a final result. The scoring is 3 Points for a Win, 1 point for a draw and votes in favour and against are considered in case of a tie.

There is always debate into ‘What is the best Queen song on the Queen II album?’ and this might at least answer some of these questions.
Scroll down for more details and to see the results… and to find out What was the Best song on the Queen II album?

Queen II - Queen Discography

About the Champions of Queen League

The Champions of Queen league will have every song on ever album pitted against each other from Queen’s first album all the way to Made in Heaven. The initial groupings will be within each of the 15 studio albums. There will be a champion and runner-up and these will go into one final group round with the top 2 songs being pitted against each other in one final round to the finish.

This will take a while to complete, but in the end there can be only one!

Don’t forget to search for the Hashtag #ShanesQueenLeague


Votes on this album

The Best Song on the Queen II Album was….

The Best song on Queen II was voted as being “March of the Black Queen”. Over the 11 Rounds of the Queen II polls, March of the Black Queen ended up  tied with White Queen. However, March of the Black Queen got more votes for than against, (i.e. the Vote difference was more, vote difference was calculated during each round, so if March of the Black Queen got 20 votes and Nevermore for 10 votes in their head to head, March of the Black Queen had a +10 vote difference and Nevermore had a -10 vote difference). Everything is explained in the Queen II Champions of Queen League Table Below for the full outline of the result.

Note : Because there are 11 songs on the Queen II album, one song from each head to head round got a Bye , i.e. was not included, with each song having 10 rounds on the final table.

Queen II - Best song on Queen II Album

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