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Queen started in the early 70’s and obviously there is a lot of historical events, concerts and release dates to celebrate. The ‘On this Day in Queen History’ section of Shane’s Queen Site outlines the key dates in Queen’s long and illustrious history and more importantly, what happened On this Day in Queen History?

02nd August ; On this day ...
in 1971 (Mon), Queen played UK, Hayle, Rugby Club, on the Cornish tour
in 1982 (Mon), Queen played Canada, Toronto, Maple Leaf Gardens, on the Hot Space North American tour

If you know of something Queen related which happened On this Day which is not showing up here on the site, such as a tour, filming of a Queen video or an album or single release, please drop me an email and I will add it to the Queen History database.

The information on this section of the website is constantly being updated as new pieces of information, new Queen dates and new tit-bits of tasty Queen trivia come to play. I am always doing my best to ensure that Shane’s Queen Site has the best information and the most up to date, however that is not always possible to be encyclopedic in nature, so gaps will appear. Please bear with me if there are Queen events not appearing here – I will fix the omissions in time.

Thanks for visiting this section – don’t forget , this Web Page updates daily with new information, and by 6am GMT, this page rolls over to the next date of Queen historical importance.

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