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John Deacon BSc. (John Richard Deacon)

John Richard Deacon was born on the 19th of August, 1951, in Oadby, Leicestershire. John was always the shy and silent type even when he was very young. When John was seven he got his first guitar on which he learned some chords and enjoyed his musical outlet. Other interests included electronics which he could see himself aiming towards as a line of future work and employment and John’s father saw and encouraged his interests.

In 1962, John entered Gartree High School in Leicester, and although he was an average student his interests in music and electronics continued. While at school, his encouraging father died.

In 1965 John founded his own band called ‘Opposition’, playing the rhythm guitar. The band played well-known songs at parties and at schools. During the run of the band (1966), the bass player left, and it was point that John Deacon took a bass guitar. Due to the change around the line-up, the band was now called ‘New Opposition’. but later the band reverted back to the Opposition’s name. They did quite well as a band and earned quite a lot of money, enough to buy their own van. The name changes continued, now they were simply called ‘Art’ and at this time they started to use light effects.

In 1969 John got entry into Chelsea College in London to study electronics – his interest from childhood. His career was more important to him, so John decided he would have to leave the band, to concentrate on his studies.

John Deacon - Queen
John Deacon of Queen
However, John was also still interested in music and regularly attended concerts and gigs in and around the London area. In 1971 a friend introduced John to a new group called Queen. Queen quickly arranged an audition for John and they thought he was a great player and ideal for the band and therefore took him on as a bass player. (You can read the main bio to see what happened after John joined Queen …)

Johns’s first song was Misfire from the Sheer Heart Attack album, but it was his next song ‘You’re My Best Friend’ which ended up being a real hit. Later songs from John included some of Queen’s most widely recognizable songs, including ‘I Want To Break Free’, ‘Another One Bites The Dust’, ‘Spread Your Wings’, and ‘One Year Of Love’. John also co-wrote some songs with Freddie and other members of the group.

John flirted briefly with a solo career in 1986 when he set up the group, ‘The Immortals with Robert Ahwai and Lenny Zakatek. they recorded ‘No Turning Back’ and released it as a single in 1986, and the song was used in the film ‘Biggles’. John also appears in a cameo in the film.

Between 1986 and 1997 John again worked with Queen, completing ‘The Miracle’ and ‘Innuendo’ albums, assisting with ‘Made in Heaven’ and the recording of the Queen single ‘No One But You’ in 1997, and did assist in preliminary work on the ‘We Will Rock You’ stage show.

John Deacon has now officially retired from the music business but does endorse the new tour, but did not wish to be part of it. John Deacon also checks up with the Queen fan clubs to keep in touch with the fans. According to the latest information on John Deacon he now spends time with his family somewhere in the Canary Islands and he also has a home in London, UK.

John Deacon was most recently in the press in October 2018 when he was photographed on a street having a cigarette, but I think John should be left to enjoy his family time and not hounded by the press.


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