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I will be heading to Florida on 14th October with Celebrating Queen for two shows. The main show is a Headline slot at the Cotee River Bike Fest. If you are looking for a Free Queen Concert then that’s the place to be on 14th. The Cotee Bike Festival has Tons of Pre-Owned Bikes, Live Music on Multiple Stages, a Large Bike Show, a number of Food and Beverage Vendors, and a lot more to enjoy. 

Cotee River Bike Fest, Florida

Founded in 2005, the Cotee Bike Fest takes place over 3 days in mid-October in the City of New Port Richey. The downtown streets of New Port Richey are blocked off to everything except motorcycles during the Cotee River Bike Fest. It is a biker festival full of fun and many are there to compete in over 20 classes of bike shows which are held on Saturday and Sunday.  There are two separate stages and many different style bands will be performing including ourselves, with, Celebrating Queen which, if you are in the area will be a Free Queen Concert. The bands will certainly keep the bike festival energy high, providing the perfect backdrop as you admire the gleaming rows of bikes lining the streets.

Freddie Show – Punta Gorda

After we play the headline slot at the Cotee River Bike Fest, we then bring the 3-man show “Freddie: Songs of a Legend” to Punta Gorda, and the venue this time is Cass Cay. We performed this show back in January for the first time at this location and it went down a storm. So if you are in the area and you want to hear some classic Freddie songs and a few deep cuts then come along to Cass Cay in Punta Gorda on 17th October for a great night.

At the moment that is all I have on the books but I may hear of a New Year’s gig very soon.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the Facebook. Instagram and YouTube channels for more information on these and much more. If you are based in Florida and want to attend a Free Queen Concert, then come along to the Cotee River Bike Fest on 14th October.

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