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Queen, the Most Played Rock Band Around the World

A recent article by Martin Kielty wrote about how Queen are officially the Most Played Rock Band on Radio Around the World. Martin’s article used data analytics service Viberate to create the report. It also stated that Queen are the fourth most-played artist across all genres. So this means Rock and for that matter Queen are definitely resonating with a new generation of fans.

The analysis also looked at relevant music and social media channels, industry trends, audio streams, video streams, etc. According to the report, Rock is the 4th biggest genre on Spotify and the 2nd biggest genre on radio.

I personally think that this success is partly due to the excellent job that Queen do with things like social media, fan specials, Queen events such as the pop up shops. Plus, the interaction of band members Brian May and Roger Taylor on social media helps connect with new fans. Imagine what Freddie would think of this.

Over the past year I have even seen a 25% increase in website traffic, in particular around the Bohemian Rhapsody song/movie and also the area of Queen Tribute Bands. Queen are definitely in popular culture. The success of the Oscar Winning Bohemian Rhapsody movie, the Queen and Adam Lambert tours, The QueenPod and Recovering Queen podcasts and also some recent book publications, keeps Queen in constant view. The generation who grew up on Queen are now finding Streaming services and interacting with Queen on social media for themselves. Plus, new generations of music fans are finding the Queen back catalogue for themselves. Queen look like they will be around forever… There can be only One.

If you would like to read the amazing article in all its glory, please click the link below.
Queen Are Most-Played Rock Band on Radio Around the World by Kielty

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