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New Section – Queen Songs Written By each Queen Member

I have added a new section to the site which discusses “Queen Songs Written By each Queen Member” thus highlighting the contribution each Queen member made to the songwriting for the band Queen. This list of songs only relates to Queen songs written by those band members and is on the back of the existing A-Z of Queen songs which is on the site.

Queen are quite unique in music circles in that each member of the band has written a Top 5 hit. Freddie wrote Bohemian Rhapsody, John wrote Another one Bites the Dust, Brian wrote Now I’m Here and Roger wrote Innuendo, but there are a number of songs which you may not know who wrote them, so I did some research and I have now documented the songs and the writers.

The interesting thing is that around 1986 Queen started writing as Queen and not as individuals, and example of an early song credited to Queen was ‘One Vision’, I’m sure you can recall the video where you see Queen writing the song in the studio. In the past every member became very precious about having their song on an album, but by writing as Queen it made the song writing process better. Brian May actually said that he didn’t know why they didn’t do it year before.

There are certain Queen songs and I alwasy forget who actuallywrote them, for example Save Me is always a song I attribute to Freddie but it was actually written by Brian May (obvious when you hear the piano playing). Likewise when ever I heard the song Get Down Make Love, because it has such a big bass riff, I think it was John Deacon who wrote it, but it was actually Freddie Mercury who penned that track.

So if you want to know Who wrote which Queen song, then the links to the Queen Songs Written By each Queen Member sections are below.

Queen Songs written by Freddie Mercury

Queen Songs written by Brian May

Queen Songs written by John Deacon

Queen Songs written by Roger Taylor

These pages are quite new and are difficult to research and compile so if you spot any anomalies or errors please do let me know at


The above list of Queen songs written by each memeber came in very handy for me because I was trying to compile a list of all the songs Freddie wrote. Why you might ask? Because I’m putting together a setlist for a Freddie show which is part of the Celebrating Queen Tribute Band … watch out for our dates in late 2021 and 2022 !
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