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Brian May, ‘Back To The Light’ Rerelease available to Pre-Order Now

If you love the 1992 Brian May album Back to the Light, you have more options to love it with this Remastered Reissue  

Back to the Light reissue will be Released August 6 on the following formats ;  CD, Vinyl, Picture Disc Vinyl, Cassette, Digital Download & Streaming Formats

The Back to the Light re-issue is available to Pre-order Now:

Brian may opsted on his Instagram feed a very non-cryptic teaser about the new album re-issue, saying “Anybody fancy a season of BM re-releases with lots of juicy extras? …. We’re working on a plan!”

It has been almost 30 years since Back to the Light was released. It remains one of my favourite albums and in my view it has sttod the test of time. It was a great success for Brian as it reached number 6 in the charts on it’s initial release. One of the songs from the album even made an appearance at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert when Brian played Too Much Love will Kill You.

Back to the Light has some fantastic songs and some have even made their way into the Queen Set List, for example Last Horizon. Some fantastic performances from the late great Cozy Powell on percussion is also a feature of the album. Brian even won an Ivor Novello award for ‘Too Much Love Will Kill You’ winning the award for Best Song Musically and Lyrically. If you were around in the early 90’s you probably even remember the Ford motor company using a version of  ‘Driven by You’ or their adverts.

It is a very poignant album as Brian wrote it between 1998 and 1992 during which time he lost his dad, Freddie and also separated from his first wife.

What’s new on this Reissue? 

The reissue of the Back to the Light album will be available as a Collector’s Edition box set featuring an exclusive white-vinyl LP,  a 32-page book, a 12” art print, two CDs, a download card and an enamel badge set and presented in a beautiful lift-lid box. A 1,000 only limited-edition of the same box-set is available exclusively on Queen Online Store with a Brian May signed 12” art print.

Back to the Light will also be released on vinly, CD, as a Deluxe 2 x CD set, on retro Cassette and the long awaited digital and streaming formats. There is a bonus called Out of the Light available in the box set, and on the 2 CD and digital formats. A limited-edition 1 x LP Picture Disc will also be available exclusively on Queen Online Store.  … At the time of writing this some of these had sold out within the hour !

Brian has actually rewritten the album’s sleeve notes to include lovely a tribute to the late, great Cozy Powell. So lots of nice touches to show this is more than just a re-release.


Back to the Light reissue, Track Listings


1. The Dark (May)

2. Back To The Light (May)

3. Love Token (May)

4. Resurrection (Words: May. Music: May, Powell, Page)

5. Too Much Love Will Kill You (May, Musker, Lamers)

6. Driven By You (May)

7. Nothin’ But Blue (Words: May. Music: May, Powell)

8. I’m Scared (May)

9. Last Horizon (May)

10. Let Your Heart Rule Your Head (May)

11. Just One Life (May)

12. Rollin’ Over (May)



1. Nothin’ But Blue – Guitar Version (May, Powell, Makin, Nicholls)

2. Too Much Love Will Kill You – Guitar Version (May, Musker, Lamers)

3. Just One Life – Guitar Version (May)

4. Driven By You Two (May)

5. Driven By You – Ford Ad Version (May)

6. Tie Your Mother Down (Featuring Slash) (May) Live on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, 5th April 1993

7. Too Much Love Will Kill You (May) Live at the Palace Theatre, Los Angeles, 6th April 1993

8. ’39 / Let Your Heart Rule Your Head (May) Live at the Brixton Academy, 15th June 1993

9.  Last Horizon (May) Live at the Brixton Academy, 15th June 1993

10. We Will Rock You (May) Live at the Brixton Academy 15 June 1993

11. Driven By You – Cozy and Neil Version ’93 (May)

So, What do you think?   Will you be buying the Back to the Light reissue? Personally I am very tempted to get the 2 CD set, my only issue is that I don’t use my CD player and the streaming / download might be the option I will go for. If you have comments or a favourite track from this album please leave a comment below.


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