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These are some Recent YouTube Videos from Shane’s Queen Site

In the past few weeks I have added some Shane’s Queen Site YouTube videos which include Piano Tutorials, Covers, and Backing Tracks. I have a few of these listed below incase you missed them.

How to Play ‘I Want to Break Free’ – Full Song

This has been requested a few times so I decided to spend some time and do a decent video showing the intro, verse, solo and bridge for the song.  Each section is broken down and explained. The end of the song has the top down view of how to play the full song from start to finish. 

How to Play “Seven Seas of Rhye” – Full Song

This is one of the signature pieces which Freddie loved to play, you may recall his fast fingers of the Wembley concert. Here, as usual, I break the song into intro, verse, bridge, instrumental and final verse / fade out. The end of the song has the full song played at tempo from start to finish.

Under Pressure Cover by Celebrating Queen

This cover is from the Queen tribute band Celebrating Queen , and I am delighted to be keyboard player in this fantastic band.

This is the cover of under pressure by celebrating Queen recorded between Budapest, Las Vegas and myself here in Waterford Ireland.

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