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Could Brian May be reissuing his solo albums in 2021? Perhaps so …

In recent days if you have been watching his Instagram account, Brian May has made a few hints at something he is working on. On his Instagram page he mentioned that a possible Brian May reissue of his solo albums might actaully by re-released in the New Year, much to the delight of the 2.6 Million Instagram followers of @brianmayforreal.

On September 28th 1992 Brian released his first solo album “Back to the Light” and on June 1st 1998 his second album “Another World” was released. I say his first solo alnum but I am not including his collaborations on the “Starfleet” project back in 1983 featuring the guitar extravagance of one Eddie Van Halen.

If you are on Spotify or Apple Music you will know that both Back to the Light and Another World are not actually available on those streaming services. So there is real hope that Brial will be releasing a re-mastered series of works which perhaps some extras such as new tracks or even some of this unfinished demos. Artists such as Devin Townsend regularly release the actual album on CD1 and on CD2 there is a bonus disk sometimes labeled as ‘Demos’ – so perhaps Brian might do the same?

Personally, I actually have both albums on CD so if there is a re-release I will wait and see what is included. Certainly I will be happy if any new Brian May re-issued material makes an appearance on Spotify. The re-master of songs like Too Much Love will Kill you or Resurrection would be a highlight for me.

What do you think of a possible Brian May Reissue? Please let us know in the comments. 
Will Brian May rerelease his albums or is it something new or something more Queen related?
Hopefully 2021 will be a better year and no way better to celebrate a new year than with some Queen / Brian May related new material…


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