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I was recently contacted by Daniel Guerrero a guitarist from Argentina asking if I could provide the piano track for a cover of the Queen song “Save Me” from the 1980 album The Game.
This was to be a multi-country virtual cover of this amazing Queen song. It was the first collaboration where I was able to use the new Korg Kronos which I got in October.

Save Me is one of the pieces of Queen which I learned first so I know it really well, thus, doing this cover was easy for me to record.

I actually used the on-board sequencer on the Korg Kronos to add the haunting pad which you can hear just before and slightly during the guitar solo. The rest of the song is fairly simple, a typical piece of piano from Brian May, sounds amazing with all his flair on the piano but it’s not that difficult. There is a delicious chord sequence which I really enjoy playing in the second verse, just between the lines ‘The Slate will soon be clean’ and “I’ll erase the memories’ – it is the sequence   Em7    D/F#   G   and Brian plays this wonderfully, I then mirror this passage in the final piece.

I hear remnants of ‘Save Me’ in ‘Too Much Love will Kill You’, maybe it’s just because I love playing both pieces but I do like Brian’s style when playing piano. Anyway, the cover version of Save Me is below if you wiah to take a listen.

The musicians on this cover version of Save Me are as follows;

Daniel Guerrero; Argentina – Guitar
Shane McDonald ; Ireland – Piano
Yvan Pedneault ; Canada – Vocal
Sebastian Poitevin ; France – Drum
Young Seok Moon ; South Korea – Bass

The final output and final video of this cover is below if you wish to take a look – or to vuew on YouTube visit

I really enjoyed the experience and working with other international musicians on this project.

Thanks guys for an awesome job !

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