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New role as Keyboardist with Queen Tribute Band, Celebrating Queen

I’m delighted to announce that I am now the Celebrating Queen keyboardist / musical director with the US based Queen Tribute act, ‘ Celebrating Queen’. The band ‘Celebrating Queen’ have many years experience in entertaining audiences with a powerful show both in the USA and Europe. The band are currently booking for 2021 shows, such as festivals, events and custom venues.

I have been playing Queen’s music for many years, and since 1993, I have been disecting the Queen songs and getting into the intricacies of each piece. This opportunity is a real dream come true for me, as it has been something which I have always wanted to do.

As it stands we now wait for the covid pandemic to ease so that concert dates in 2021 can be booked and actually fulfilled. For more details on booking Celebrating Queen please visit Celebrating Queen .com the website for this great Queen Tribute Band !

The setlist of the band is varied, including all the Greatest Hits as well as deep cuts like March of the Black Queen, Stone Cold Crazy and Death on Two Legs.

So from here, mid-pandemic October 2020 it’s just a waiting game until such time as we know if concert dates can be booked. I hope you will join me on the journey and I will keep you updated on tour dates and any venues that are booked. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook via the links below.

I cannot express how happy I am to be a Queen Tribute Band keyboardist , a dream come true for me!  It’s sure to be an exciting time and I will upload as much detail on this site as is possible.

Hope to see you somewhere on the road in 2022 !!


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