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What is the Best Queen Song?

Thats a question everyone asks, so I have designed a league based system designed to find the publics favourite Queen songs. A head to head match between each queen song on each Queen studio album is set up. The song with the most votes, gets 3 points, 1 point for a draw and the tally of votes are also counted in the case of a tie at the end. 

I have started with the first Queen album, titled ‘Queen’ which was released in 1973. The polls are just over the half way point at this stage and results should be available in early November.

The future of this league / poll system is that I will have all the rounds available online from the start. These will be open for a set number fo days so that as many people can vote as possible. There is only one vote per person based on IP and cookes.

If you want to take part in this series of polls, and contribute to deciding and finding The Best Queen Song, please return to the site over the next few weeks / months and visit the dedicated section for the Champions of Queen League.

Vote in the Champions of Queen League

Vote in the series of polls designed to determine the best songs on all of Queens 15 studio albums.

Results of the The Best Queen Song Polls on YouTube

Each album that gets voted on, will have a dedicated video on YouTube explaining the results of each album’s vote. I will outline the top 5 songs in each album, and show which 2 songs will go towards the final set of polls. So please follow Shane’s Queen Site on YouTube for this and more Queen related videos – the links is below.

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