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Have you found QueenPod yet?

The QueenPod is the Ultimate Queen Podcast. If you want to listen to something that’s all about Queen and thats good QueenPod is it!

For years I have searched iTunes for a decent Queen podcast. There was a 3 part series which I found once on it but the audio was not available for some reason, I’m presuming they didn’t keep it up.

But I recently saw this on Twitter – QueenPod  ; described as follows, “The Queen Podcast is your official one-stop shop for everything related to the world’s greatest rock band.” That was enough to have me listening to the Trailer Episode “Episode 0” and I was hooked. It is so well put together and with interesting debate, thoughts, facts and tit-bits on everything Queen. Also whereever there is a swear word listen out for Freddie’s AyOh 🙂

The QueenPod is the brainchild of Queen archivist and documentarian Simon Lupton. Simon is joined on the QueenPod podcast by comedians and Queen superfans John (Meadows) Robins and Sooz (Faroukh) Kempner and is hosted by Rohan (Harold) Acharya. The Queen pod brings listeners through through all of the Queen albums, track by track. There is even some exclusive content which I have never even heard.

It’s not just a one way podcast, the Queen pod asks for submissions from Queen Fans so you can also submit your Queen related stories, facts or questions which may even be featured on the show.

I cannot recommend the QueenPod (Queen Podcast0 enough. I am after listening to 3 of them now and I just can’t stop myself. They are expertly recorded with very good sound quality and questions which I jave often wondered about are answered.

e.g. Who was the first living person apart from the Queen (monarch) to appear on an English Stamp? Who is the deep voice near the end on Modern Times Rock ‘n’ Roll? Which 13th century poem is used in lines from one of the songs on Queen’s first album? … All these will be answered on the Queenpod.

The first 3 Queen Albums, plus some special podcasts with Tim Staffell and also reviewing the #1 selling Album Queen and Adam Lambert, Live around the World 

The Queen Pod Podcast is available on iTunes Podcast system and also on Acast at

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